Xining fifth batches of health and epidemic prevention teams to carry out epidemic prevention work i

from the CDC and the CDC of Xining city consists of the East District of the city the fifth batch of health and epidemic prevention work team in August 16, 2010, travel to Yushu to replace the fourth batch of epidemic prevention team tasks, work and material transfer between after the arrival of the team captain, in August 19th with the province, CDC, state health supervision work of the communication. To understand the basic situation of La Xiu Xiang Xiu Xiang and drop prevention work, and the basic situation of vaccination and prevention of infectious diseases reporting vaccine.
to ensure pull show primary school more than 800 teachers and students and the surrounding farmers and herdsmen drinking water safety, the August 20th epidemic prevention team responsible for the wells of water sampling, inspection, test results showed that the water quality of primary school drop show microorganisms exceeded the national hygienic standard. Therefore, epidemic prevention teams to be disinfected for water sources, the school canteen, dormitory and toilet, garbage taken surface disinfection, and the students take drug centralized tableware immersion disinfection tableware disinfection, how to centralized knowledge such as on-site training and promotion of logistics, canteen staff canteen.
on La Xiu Xiang remoteness, the traffic is very inconvenient, the medical staff in township hospitals of serious shortage of medical technology is weak, in the local school diagnostic investigation found the vaccination of hepatitis A, hemp, gills, wind vaccination leakage phenomenon. Epidemic prevention team staff contact CDC, reflect the pull show vaccination, and receive 500, coordination of hepatitis A vaccine MMR vaccine 500, measles vaccine 100, hepatitis A, hemp, gills, wind vaccination in August 23rd to pull Xiu Xiang, a total of 479 hepatitis A vaccination passengers, MMR vaccine 473 times, at the same time, the grass-roots medical staff attention, injection site, local disinfection methods, safety injection vaccination knowledge of the field training, TB prevention and control of plague issued more than 200 copies of promotional materials.


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