Xining educational practice in action Township street communities are in action

Since the

Xining educational practice activities, the city’s rural community in action, adhere to everything from the masses of Party building work, the members of the "root" deeply rooted among the masses.

Since the implementation of the educational practice in Xining, the party building work has persisted in the mass line, everything from the masses, through a variety of service activities, the party’s roots deep in the masses of the


people love the people, Xining building "service-oriented grassroots party organizations live up.

in the township, street, community, village committee, innovation a characteristic, for the grass-roots party construction service development, social services, serving the people, service members into the infinite vitality!

with people face to face communication, heart to heart communication; the alignment of the masses "micro aspiration" to carry out a variety of micro services; with a tangible good and practical things, impress people, persuading and educating the masses, to obtain the trust of the masses…… Whether it is the provincial and municipal leaders, or the city’s 22202 working party members, all from the fine to practice to change the style of work, with feelings, with responsibility, with love, deep rural communities, to carry out a comprehensive "bright identity, the tree image, for example" as the theme of the working party members into the community activity.

This is a

, set up a bridge between the party and the masses to heart "".

22202 working party members are in their own practical action to practice the party’s mass line, the masses, the masses in action to emotionally, in the work for the masses, to further enhance the flesh and blood ties between the party and the masses of the people, continue to promote the construction of service-oriented grassroots party organizations.

four member identity into the community to serve the masses

The law preached

policy member, helping disadvantaged groups, public opinion collection staff, community affairs coordinators, in educational practice, the city’s all working party members in accordance with the "community needs, residents are anxious, they can" principle, according to their own interests, strengths, abilities, conditions, active service jobs unclaimed a good, active "four members".

[service] vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun set an example, set an example, take the lead to the small community north district report, and claimed the micro aspiration four Empty Nester, low-income elderly and disabled persons; provincial Party Committee Organization Department Minister Wang Lingjun active in helping a child with Zhang Gengsheng the old party 71 West community at the age of 80, the old man wants to meet in a microwave oven, convenient to the children hot desire, old man received new microwave oven after moved to tears. City Red Cross active party member Ma Zhanhai initiative and suffering from serious illness, alone raising children of the difficulties of the masses of the United Kingdom Ma Ying, come up with all the wages of the month to help;

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