Xining municipal administrative service center to improve the quality of service style

February 17th, is the second day after the Spring Festival holiday, many people are still immersed in the festive atmosphere…… Just 8:30 in the morning, the Xining municipal government administrative service center hall, transportation, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental protection, and all the staff have been to the window, do a good job of enthusiastic service to the public.

entered the door, the reporter was consulted to guide the staff to ask enthusiastically: "comrades, you need to do what business?" I want to know about handling transportation business in terms of which window?" Staff enthusiastically said: "you do business on the four floor, I’ll take you to."

in the traffic for the window, to handle the personal freight business Ms. song took the road transport license just run to the reporter said: "now for road transport business license, than the original is convenient and time-saving, as long as the information is complete, the window staff once completed, the work efficiency is improved than the original and I no longer have the running path."

real estate business in front of the window, Mr. Zhou, a Real Estate Company in Xining, told reporters: in the past for housing demolition procedures, do not run seven or eight procedures do not. Today, the original is not the same, all the formalities in the real estate window once completed."

on the third floor of the office waiting for the office of Ms. Shi told reporters happily: "the government administrative service center staff to come to work the people of the service attitude of enthusiasm, people feel very comfortable. In addition, it is recommended to strengthen the network of government service centers in order to better serve the masses."

subsequently, the reporter interviewed the Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, director of the administrative service center. He told reporters that before the Spring Festival, the center invited the work of enterprises, representatives of the masses held a frank and candid, face the issue of the forum, face to face to listen to their views and suggestions. Participants generally agreed that the administrative service center focused on the form of services for the enterprise and the masses to build a very convenient service platform, work here, time-saving, convenient.

recently issued the "Xining Municipal People’s government administrative service center staff of ten are not allowed" and the "Xining Municipal People’s government administrative service center management system", further strengthen the daily management of the assessment, from the details, hoping to "fine service, intimate service" to further optimize the service mode.

reporter learned that the administrative service center in Xining in 2013 the municipal government will strictly implement the "two concentration, two in place, further optimize the process of administrative examination and approval departments settled, the completion of the second half of the process for settled 29 Departments 195 administrative approval procedures, to achieve a window of acceptance, examination and approval, all in one service all settled matters of a window, and strive to shorten the work time of 17%. At the same time, closely around the convenience, norms, sunshine, efficient service concept, to further strengthen and refine the window service work, the scope of the examination and approval of the authorized scope of the disclosure, the staff standardized terms open. Through normative work;

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