Do you know the skills of children’s wear shop promotion

all the parents about their children are very good, I hope the children can eat well, dress well, also made a lot of industry development soon, now more and more people start to open children’s clothing store, I believe we all can see, with the two-child policy open, more and more children, the demand for the children are on the rise. Pioneering children’s clothing store, has a lot of market support. But since it is open children’s clothing store, we must face the problem of product promotion. Entrepreneurship open children’s clothing store promotion skills, to introduce you.

1: direct discount

can quickly boost sales force, quickly in the short term, increase consumer purchases, the consumer has the most impact force and the temptation to take direct discount in the promotion of the most common and most effective promotion strategy.

2: membership promotion

at present, the promotion of the promotion of the shop more and more members, through the purchase of a certain amount can reach what level of membership, different levels of membership can enjoy the discount price of the product, which is a long-term. There are other members such as promotional products or gifts for members to provide a special price, every month has a fixed time for promotion can be a special offer, members can send gifts, can also be free to send a small gift to do service, if the member can still do many special promotional membership.

3: special area

many stores have special offer area, set aside an area with floats or floor stand display products to a special offer, and the price of product differentiation so as not to affect the price of product sales, the two is to allow consumers to easily find, promotional content area to implement special offer on the float and landing gear on the corresponding.

4: new promotion

‘s new store listed promotions are now very common, they mainly want to catch the season to improve the old customers, the number of customers, mostly in the new brand shop, general product promotion is mainly through small gifts, not with the new method of direct discount.

light is a children’s clothing industry is very promising, is an industry of people worthy of choice, if interested do not miss out, read to start children’s clothing stores sales promotion skills, also hope to children’s clothing shop friend, can remember these contents in the shop when you can use these promotion skills. We hope that the introduction, to bring more friends to help.

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