Store operators should pay attention to security

now the thief is rampant, not only in the bustling streets of theft, shops will not let go. Many shopkeepers busy time to take into account, leading to theft, loss of weight. So, in the course of the store business, we need to do a good job of security, so as to avoid economic losses.

this morning, the next two shop owner Lee to the store to buy cigarettes, as usual, I handed him a box of gold leaf (Jin Mantang), when Lee boss took out a mobile phone and a bill from his pocket and paid me smoke money, boss Lee’s mobile phone rang suddenly, I noticed the boss Lee the mobile phone into a old machine. I remember clearly that Lee boss just bought a new cell phone for more than three thousand yuan a month ago.

see my puzzled look, boss Lee gave a wry smile to me, sighed deeply and said: "don’t mention it. I was too bad, my new mobile phone was stolen in the shop yesterday!" Originally, Li is a careless boss usually known people, his two stores usually only one person to keep shop, store small items stolen is often happened.

this evening, Lee boss is playing mobile phone shop on the east side of the sofa, store one after the two came in a middle-aged man, he quickly stood up and greeted warmly greeted, the mobile phone and put it on the back of the sofa. The two middle-aged man is coming together, but it seems like they don’t know each other, in their shop around, one of the men in the shop around, starting east of the shelf to pick goods, another man in the distance of Lee boss very near the side with small commodities, while meihuazhaohua and Lee boss chat up.

about five or six minutes in the eastern shelf wandering around the man went to the door, what he did not buy, slowly walked out of the store. At this time, Lee boss side of the man suddenly stopped chatting, hurried out. The middle-aged man’s strange behavior, let the boss Lee suspicious, he hurried to the sofa before finding his new mobile phone take wings to itself.

boss Lee realized that just in the two middle-aged man shop is a gang of thieves, he quickly chased out, but it was too late, the two middle-aged men already ride a car towards the 104 National Road in the direction. Lee boss said: I have stolen two mobile phones this year, and my wife was angry, and never let me buy a smart phone, the evil thief!"

long-term operation of the shop owner, the stolen goods stolen mobile phone in the store, it is not strange, nearly a year, the business of shops into the season, not fat molecules will also take the opportunity to shop theft is therefore ready to, owners must pay attention to the problem.

first, the store as far as possible the use of laminated anti-theft glass windows security >

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