Xinyu nternet spawned new rural formats

now in the rural areas has become a business Feng Shui, many entrepreneurs and some entrepreneurial government will look to the vast rural areas, rural areas will usher in a new development opportunity.

"pumpkin brother", Barry rice, Shannon fruit and other agricultural enterprises, have set up sales platform in Taobao, Tmall; Xinyu orange, pomelo, Hushan North Water twist and other high-quality agricultural products, through the electricity sold to Changsha, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places…… Enter the "Internet plus" era, Yushui District continue to expand agricultural services platform, multiple initiatives to support modern agricultural information to catch the express train, "the new form of getting better Internet plus". This year, the average daily online transactions amounted to 134 thousand yuan.

for modern agriculture quickly catch "Internet plus" express, the district formulated development planning and support measures of incentives, engaged in rural electronic commerce network operators, enterprises, taxation, and financial capital in the park, shop rent and other aspects of the implementation of preferential policies. Regular organization of rural electricity supplier professional knowledge training, and through close interaction with the business enterprise, the line of multi point combined with progressive development and vigorously boost the development of business enterprises, so that more traditional agricultural producers and individuals, companies to join the business model. At the same time, the district is still Luo Fang Zhen Po Xia Cun established "rural e mail" service station, villagers home products directly from the service station for sale on the internet. At present, Yuzhou, Yishui ecological ecological industry, a large number of old agricultural enterprises based on the entity, have launched the official website, or the establishment of sales platform in, 0790 net purchase food store, expand product sales.

The rise of

"Internet plus", has also spawned a number of new farmers have dreams, understand business, technology "". Zou Wen graduated from Beijing Normal University to use their professional knowledge and technology, founder of the "pumpkin brother" brand pumpkin sauce to build public micro signal and the official website, Taobao also opened a shop, the annual sales of more than 200 thousand tons, annual sales of about 5000000 yuan, has become one of the characteristics of Xinyu leisure food.

actually in the rural areas will produce some of the characteristics of the mobile Internet and the combination is also a very good business model, in the future life will further promote the development of rural social economy.


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