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love to eat dumplings on the Boiled dumplings consumers, certainly this brand is not strange, indeed, it is a very good brand Boiled dumplings, although the price is not cheap, but every day is full of customers. In order to develop its cause, it also for the community to engage in business, but this is the investment, but let a lot of people have joined its numbers have doubts!

"national chain" such words in the eyes of many people on behalf of the store merchandise is popular. However, in these "national chain" under the signs of how much water? Recently, a reader of a Nanchang "dumplings" sign on the "national chain 1060th" slogan questioned, that "1060" is a exaggerated figure.

"1060th" shop has been questioned.

Mr. Ma is a northerner /

for "1060", "dumplings" Xiangshan Road store manager Yang explained that they the shop is a franchise, and victory road and the Bayi Square on the "dumplings" belong to the chain store. "The franchise is a little different from the store". Yang told reporters that there are a lot of people are joining the "dumplings", but due to various reasons, many stores also have no formal business, which makes people have more than a small shop "illusion.

"1060" does not represent the number of branches.

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