Sun Hongxi cigarettes can’t be sold to minors

are also doing retail business, why some shops business can be so popular? I think the owner is naturally some people can not copy the operating skills. For the owner Sun Hongxi, the most important thing is that cigarettes can not be sold to adults, so that the store has been affirmed. The shop to do business, a willing buyer, willing to sell is a consensual thing, if not illegal, do not cross the line. But some business, really look before you leap, you can not just look at the money.


retail stores in the rural areas, we all know, now the rural children’s wide field of vision, curiosity and imitation ability is very strong, even there are many students went to learn to smoke. On Sunday, a few young people in the village, fifteen years old, ran to my store to buy cigarettes in. At that time, did not care, they sold them.

did, a few days later, one of the kids father here to chat, now the child is really not a few days ago, several students smoking together, young adults don’t really worry ah. I took it and said, "I thought he bought it for you, and I didn’t expect such a little kid to smoke."." He took the mouth, said: "I can afford such a smoke smoke, do not know where the money comes from. I said, I’ll help you pay attention to, and then buy cigarettes, I do not sell is.

another Sunday, these came again, said to buy cigarettes. I said, you smoke, I do not sell, if you buy to adults I sell. One of them said it was for adults. I said, call your family to buy it, you come I do not sell. Some people, you do not sell, we spend money to buy what not, you’re not a sell cigarettes. I said, you do not buy anything, smoking is easy to addiction, you are still young, when you regret it later.

In fact,

, now the children, especially in adolescence, is a headache for adults, some things can not be knowingly, but some things adults do not know, or negligence. Later, there is a rainy day, everyone is free, I put the children’s adults are called home, drink and chat kids and everyone together to figure out how to educate a child in the family.

some people will tell you that he is nosy, buy you sell, you have so wide what. This is a kind of irresponsible attitude, set up shop also want to speak responsibility. Not greed, what earn money. Later, the young one to my shop, there are many students smoking in their class, they are also curious to draw play, now, many people are addicted to, and there is no source of income, two for tobacco money robbery was arrested. If I find their signs, called adults watched, still do not know what the consequences.

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