Hainan Lingshui County how to get rid of poverty nternet plus innovation started

Although many cities have made great progress in life, there are still some economic development in the city is relatively backward, and the living standard of the people of the

is still to be improved. In January 7th, Hainan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau party secretary Comrade Chen Kai led the Hainan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau the offices responsible person and some cadres to Lingshui County, the town sub village to carry out the Spring Festival condolences activities, for the poor households to send rice and edible oil and other holiday supplies, and launched a twinning project, and Lingshui perfume coconut planting cooperatives has planted 100 coconut fragrance.

The village is located in the northwest of the

Town, 6 kilometers, the village labor force population of about 900 people, 56 households, poor households filing cards of 217 people, 34 households, 74 people living in five households, 2 people; the village land area of 2160 acres, of which 830 acres of paddy fields, dry land 480 acres, 850 acres of land in the village; remote location, perennial water, dry season villagers drinking water.

The main source of

to rice, areca, winter vegetables and migrant laborers, because less land resources per capita and income generating methods not poor. In order to ensure the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, the province will help the poor Industrial and Commercial Bureau 56 households by households allocated to each province Industrial and Commercial Bureau offices, each offices responsible for 2 to 4 households in poor households out of poverty, the implementation of twinning. 7 afternoon, the offices and helping object, Industrial and Commercial Bureau completed after docking, to carry out field research, to further understand the needs of poor households out of poverty, clear ideas and programs of the department.

The villagers of

Chen Jiamao is 63 years old this year, suffering from severe joint disease, his wife suffering from severe lumbar disc prominent, basically lost the ability to work. When you see the person responsible for helping them out of poverty in Hainan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau petition Office of the director of Fu Jianming when he opened the chatterbox. According to him, he has a total of five children, four sons, a daughter. There is a missing son mountain picking up aloes in 2003, missing when he was only fifteen years old. He spent almost all his savings in search of the missing child. Currently, the family’s income comes from areca. But the weather is unpredictable, the more than 2 thousand species of areca tree, all of the pest, a few years no harvest. He wanted to pig, chicken and cattle, but suffer from lack of funds and technology.

in the process of communication with Chen Jiamao, we feel he is a train of thought, there is a lack of funds, manpower and breeding technology guidance. To understand the situation, considering the physical condition of the two, we have a preliminary plan to reduce poverty assistance, we will provide Zhumiao, chicken and calf for him, and regroup his family’s labor force, re division of labor, a family type farming cooperatives, please experienced people to lead the culture, and please provide guidance for the breeding expert." Responsible for helping Chen Jiamao out of poverty, said director Fu Jianming.

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