Chongqing Baisha ndustrial Park of the new location of small business development focus group

is now popular around the form of industrial parks to attract enterprises stationed in the park and enterprise cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win. The future development direction of accurate positioning of Chongqing Baisha Industrial Park, the development of excellent platform to vow to create material processing industry of small and medium-sized enterprises.

location is prominent, attracted more than 100 projects located in

from the point of view of regional traffic conditions, Baisha Industrial Park is located in three ring expressway, Chongqing Luzhou expressway, adjacent to Chongqing City Expressway and the construction of Jiang Xi expressway. With the Yangtze River water, with Sichuan Luzhou, through the main city of Chongqing, South Guizhou, North Chi Yunnan, Yongchuan, Bishan Chongqing, 30 km from Jiangjin city to the main city of Chongqing, about 50 minutes drive to Jiangbei International Airport about 70 minutes, is Chongqing Sichuan traffic fortress, is an important node of Chinese ASEAN Free Trade Area channel Chinese southwest passage to the sea, the.

in the development, Baisha Industrial Park Development Zone Based on city function positioning, combined with their actual development, identify the "supporting" position, adhere to the development of dislocation, differentiation characteristic development road.

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