Shop location should pay attention to which seven see

shop location to do a bit, for the latter part of the operation of the store will have a different influence. So, if you want to set up shop success, the site of the pre selection of natural work also need to invest more energy. In fact, want to do a good job shop location, but also need to pay attention to "seven" work. So, shop location should pay attention to which seven look?

a look at real estate prices. High level of property owners are also high levels of consumption, the old city can also see second-hand housing prices.

Two see

the number of lights at night. Light less that the occupancy rate is not high, renqibuwang.

three see air conditioning. Air conditioning room is not much, or even look at the types of air conditioning, brand.

four trash bins. For example, high-grade cigarette box, indicating that the high income of the community more men.

Five see

farms. See there is no shrimp, crab, soft shelled turtle to sell high-grade fresh stalls, estimate residents carrying food worth, can also see many people bargain.

six population structure. Such as age, gender ratio, easy to make money groups are: children, young women, the elderly and men.

seven look at existing stores. If the majority of shops operating well, indicating that the community is not popular. If the business situation is good, can "play", with existing projects complementary, the formation of dislocation competition.

if you want to choose a more exuberant popularity, wait until the store opened up after the business is more popular shops, the need to do a good job of the preliminary investigation. In short, if you want to choose a suitable good address, the above seven look also need to pay attention to.