Mental maturity partners need to have five characteristics

an excellent entrepreneurial team for the success of entrepreneurs have a great role in promoting, and to set up an excellent entrepreneurial team, you must first find a mature mental partner. So, what kind of entrepreneurial partnership talents mature? Need to have these five characteristics.

1, honesty and integrity

2, friendly

and the public understanding of different, this is actually a "technology" rather than a "attitude". In a long-term education only "looking up" or "down" in the country, can the proper way to head to others, is the ability to culture for a period of time in the appropriate context.

3, independent sense of responsibility

I have seen

you should be the main responsibility for all of your options, you should be responsible for your work, you should be for your time planning take the main responsibility, you should be responsible for your product, you should be responsible for your salary and income, you should be for your occupation into long primary responsibility. If you think your investors, CEO, product manager should be responsible for you, you are still a child.

4, communication skills

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