How much do you know about nternet O2O

since Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed "Internet plus" concept, everyone seems to be a master on the Internet, talk the talk of "Internet plus" on the Internet O2O. But do you really understand what is "Internet plus"? How much do you know about Internet O2O?

in the right hand, obviously the Internet people occupy an absolute advantage. Whether it is "Internet plus" or O2O, are Internet firstly; and, due to the spread of discourse from traditional media to new media, new Internet media pay more attention to the Internet business transformation, naturally lead to O2O was interpreted as "Internet plus traditional industry" instead of "Internet + traditional industries". The Chinese closely combined with political and economic factors, most of the traditional enterprise is behind the "original sin", and the Internet Co in the propaganda of relative sunshine, more aggressive, more easily grasp the right words.

But for

the traditional enterprise is on this point have enough self-confidence, so they tend to underestimate the role of the internet. Most of the traditional enterprises, the Internet is only positioned as an advanced tool, and that they had to use ERP and CRM to enhance the level of information is no two. So, although many traditional enterprises with advanced tools, but the transition is not smooth. Open the Internet to promote equality, most of the traditional enterprises to maintain a strict level; the Internet encourages individuality and creativity, most of the traditional enterprise employees as follow the prescribed order like a screw; the Internet to eliminate the asymmetry, many traditional enterprises still rely on relationships and privilege of doing business.

the biggest crisis of traditional enterprises, is a new generation of consumers rely more on online decision making, even compared to the line more trust online. Traditional enterprises for decades or even hundreds of years to establish the brand, can not form a new generation of consumers in the perception of the future will be lost.

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