Fenghua science and technology talent innovation week in attracting overseas talents

now the whole society in promoting entrepreneurship, and everyone knows that entrepreneurs need to continue to introduce some young people with entrepreneurial ideas, Fenghua science and technology innovation talents in Zhejiang week, on the way to broaden the channels of talents at home and abroad.

"talent to lead the development of · technology; promote innovation" as the theme of the fifth session of Zhejiang · Fenghua science and technology innovation talent week today (13 days) held in Fenghua, from the beginning of 2011 has been successfully held 4 sessions, a total of more than and 10 countries (regions) and the domestic more than and 30 provinces and more than 50 universities scientific research institutions, more than 430 overseas high-level talents will bring more than 160 projects of science and technology talents. In the event, the Fenghua Municipal Committee, acting mayor Gao Haomeng said, eagerly looking forward to the development of Fenghua to the British overseas investment business, collusion, enthusiastic talents in science and technology projects to this event as an opportunity to grow in, signed in Fenghua.

it is reported that the "Feng Lu excellence program awards ceremony as one of the main contents of the opening, there will be 12 teams at home and abroad the entrepreneurial team came to accept the award this year, these entrepreneurial projects involving multiple areas of a new generation of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new equipment, life and health, marine high technology etc.. In order to further support the growth of entrepreneurial team, they will get Fenghua a total of 19 million yuan in start-up funding, and enjoy preferential policies to support the loan interest subsidies, housing security, site.

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