High tech leads the horticulture industry to a new road

you know, green plants can through a photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and provide oxygen for the people, on the other hand, when people see when they can effectively relieve eye fatigue and relax, if will be injected into the high-tech industry, will produce what kind of chemical effect?

Q version of the solar plants, Gu’s name mainly solar energy for food, do not need any power as long as the raw material, on the dashboard, it absorbs the sun after coil produce a magnetic field pull the head gently shake shake, can let you feel relaxed, I wish you a happy voyage.

Q version of the biggest selling point is the solar pot pot pot leaves the lovely shape, face the sun beat, let a person feel potted vigorous vitality. This new electronic products are short, flat, fast project.

products using ABS resin as raw material, the solar battery as power source. People only need to put the pot under natural light, the leaves will dance "". Environmental protection. A flowerpot base with the sun IC receiver port, can directly convert sunlight into electricity (light), and the leaves are energy.

can be placed in the car and the ground parallel position, but also as a family, office decoration. Lovely shape, add vitality and temperament of the one and only for your car. Put on your desk, can effectively relieve your anxiety, irritability and so on; put in the car, let you in the car, alleviate your eye fatigue; pot appearance can be based on user preferences arbitrarily change, people do not need to try to maintain it.

If love green consumers don’t have enough time to maintenance, then the Q version of the solar pot is undoubtedly the most they want goods, the investor is not required to have too much hesitation for such a good project!


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