Retired soldiers then jumping woman was hit badly caused the social fund raising operation fee

falling objects are dangerous for pedestrians on the road, not to mention an adult. Days ago in Hubei Enshi, a retired soldier then jumping female himself smashed into severely wounded without money. The courageous behavior aroused public praise and have donations.

23 at 9:33 in the evening, Feng Ning and friends through the Enshi Chongwen square, heard "help" sound, looked up and saw a woman hanging on the 11 floor window, a man pulled her hands, and shouted "help".

found the woman was falling down, Feng Ning instinctively open arms and continuously adjust the position, hand pick. Due to the impact of too strong, Feng Ning was hit fell to the ground, the woman body also pressure on Feng Ning. Then Feng Ning’s friend Feng Ning was rushed to hospital, but the woman after she died, the police are investigating the cause of the falls.

operation gap caused by social concerns

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