Schools unhappy with beer tent ruling

first_imgNewsTalk ZB 1 November 2013Schools aren’t happy with being over-ruled by Dunedin City Council authorities on the issue of serving alcohol to parents at school fairs.The Principals’ Federation says the focus of a beer tent is to raise money for schools strapped for cash, and alcohol plays a small part in that.But the council panel turned down Elmgrove School’s its application for a liquor licence, arguing it’s symptomatic of New Zealand’s drinking culture that alcohol is seen as a natural part of every day activity.Principals’ Federation president Phil Harding says it would have been appropriate for parents to stand around and talk to friends with a glass of wine in their hands.He says a lot of schools run alcohol tents at things like school fairs, and they’re strictly monitored by Boards of Trustees.Family First says fair not the place for drinkingHowever, Family First believes schools should think more carefully before attempting to get alcohol involved in community events.Director Bob McCroskie says the ruling is common sense.“No because it’s not telling people not to drink alcohol, it’s simply saying that there’s a time and a place, and the school fair isn’t the time and it’s not the place.”

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