Sun Yang won the first 400 meters of the Chinese swimming team gold

said Sun Yang can say that no one knows, he’s currently relatively young with a remarkable potential swimming athlete, and has repeatedly in the world-class competition award, on the last night, he won the China swimming team’s first gold medal at the world championships.

in the final, Sun Yang played when wearing goggles, waved to the audience, he ranked fourth. After the start of the game, Sun Yang did not rush to the front, the first turn in third place. Not anxious not busy Sun Yang slowly show their strength, 100 meters after the rise to the second place, behind the British player Gaye. 150 meters later, Sun Yang is still in the second place, the gap can almost be ignored. Gaye continued to lead, Sun Yang continued to catch up, 200 meters behind only 0.04 seconds. Since then, Sun Yang began to force, to ensure that the leading edge of the advantage of 300 meters to the end of the Gaye. In the final 100 meters after the fight, Sun Yang’s stamina strength overall show, 350 meters after the success of Sun Yang up to the first, and gradually expand the lead, 300 meters and 350 meters turn, Sun Yang’s advantage has been difficult to shake, in the final 3 minutes and 42 seconds 58 results successfully defending. British Gaye won second, score of 3 points, 43 seconds, 75, Canadian players to get a score of third.

see the China national team Sun Yang activities a privilege that already is not only the individual things, but also represents a milepost of our national swimming competition can not erase the history.


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