What is the light pot you know

with the development of the times, the society will pop some unique popular words in different periods, such as some time ago Shuabing "blue thin, letinous edodes, so now the popular catering sector Hot pot what word, you know? Xiaobian tell you is a light pot". The so-called blue ocean, are often artificially created. When the lack of market services, sea fishing with perfect service occasion to rise, when Hot pot market homogenization of serious, "Banu" but with duck and mushroom soup Deus ex.

catering industry’s total revenue in 2015 reached 3 trillion of the scale, hot pot format accounted for one of the 30%, is a veritable trillion market. Behind the overall prosperity is also full of bitterness, there are a few hot pot giants before the lead, after the more than 350 thousand hot pot shop each hill. The new entrepreneurs in the way? If you take the traditional Hot pot addition mode, rather than quality, than the service, than the ingenuity, and certainly no advantage.

fortunately, the market is large enough to be able to accommodate more hot pot brand, to identify the blind spot in order to successfully break through. In fact, with "low" the breakthrough into the market play with lower price to enjoy high products, experience high grade is not very good, and once approved, will face the daily needs of 80% customers.

some people will say that the chiefs of the supply chain more complete Hot pot body is large enough, they should be able to copy the price. But you don’t have to worry too much because they don’t do it. A "light" Hot pot entrepreneurs said: "Hi has the ability to send fishing completely achieve the price lower, but it will not do this, it must be less than the price of expensive sea fishing, if it is priced at 30 yuan per person and I like the customer at home will be able to eat cheap sea fishing, who go to the store?" Through the Internet boom, the bigwigs also made the corresponding transformation, most concentrated in the end to improve the efficiency and the front more convenient way to pay, this transformation does not change the cost structure of front-end back-end supply chain stores and their combination.

one, the traditional hot pot model of heavy reflected in where?

compared to the rise of light hot pot brand, the traditional mode of hot pot is not only the front end of the supply chain and the rear end of the supply chain, there may be the existence of the central kitchen. While it is generally believed that the central kitchen advantage is through large-scale procurement, the group to achieve the dishes of cheap mass production in advance centralized processing method can greatly reduce the dishes in the kitchen operation process, but also the centralized distribution, intelligent deployment, a 30% cost savings than the traditional model.

although the back-end save a considerable cost, but the cost of front-end stores did not reduce the number, but they have more to increase the amount of expenditure. The most direct is more

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