What are the methods of coping with the off season

off-season coming, if we do not take a certain business strategy, will allow the store to usher in a long off-season, so that the return on earnings affected. So, the curtain shop to off-season method? Let Xiaobian for you to do a detailed analysis, which will make your shop even in the off-season, you can also hot business.

curtain shop slowly spread to all over the market, which is the trend of the development of the curtain industry, but no matter which industry is good, there is a light season. Season strong incremental, off-season grab reduction, which is also an effective way to increase sales of curtain fabric stores. Curtain cloth shop is how to operate? How to deal with the curtains off-season? Investors in the operation of the curtain shop, to win the competition in the market to win the development, which must grasp the sales method, today Xiaobian to share the operating methods of novice.

in the understanding of the sales method, a pair of short season to have a general idea. The decoration industry has been from the autumn before the Spring Festival is the sales season, this time the guests demand, store the basic busy season, work is better and more efficient service to every customer; and the relative business in spring and summer is cool, but this time the sales situation in the shop and make a summary the season’s sales plan, is the most appropriate. In addition to the general direction of work, the window shop operators also need to understand the following methods.

timely launch of new

in general, the curtain shop in the off-season to launch some of the more popular style, while updating the window hanging board, can effectively cut the opponent’s market share, so as to consolidate their market position. In the consumer’s perspective, it is to strengthen the brand in the heart, for a limited budget curtain shop, with a limited amount of advertising and the introduction of new products, can get good publicity.

moderate development business

this is not difficult to understand, for the traditional curtain industry, the most needed is the innovative marketing concept. In the sales process, to find and guide consumers to buy is to improve the sales of the curtain shop off-season and a powerful way. Some businesses create new styles slowly in front of everyone, such as free consultation, on-site measurement and regular maintenance and bundling, appropriate development business can often reach extraordinary effect, is the off-season marketing innovation model curtain shop.

moderate promotion

promotion seems to reduce the unit price and profit, and even posted the rejection of goods, it seems that the loss of business". In fact, the promotion is conducive to the flow of funds, in particular, such as the sale of the board to sell, to improve the display of the curtain shop. To maintain a moderate level of promotion in the off-season, especially in the form of a strong competitor

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