Seven seconds fish health pot introduction

hot pot Market? At least it seems unprecedented business momentum, why so good, Xiaobian is Hot pot brand innovation more, refresh the old situation this restaurant brands, thus ushered in the climax of consumption. The traditional Hot pot while delicious but easy to get angry, especially in the hot summer, the traditional Hot pot shop because it is difficult to avoid the disadvantages of the business are relatively bleak, and health has become a universal aspiration, Hot pot must also cater to the market demand, innovation, to continue to develop. Seven seconds fish fish health Hot pot, centuries old Miao recipe, will be combined with the characteristics of the traditional Hot pot health perfect, launched a new health Hot pot current social demand


seven seconds fish health pot introduction

seven seconds to the bottom of the pot Hot pot fish characteristics can be directly seen soup entrance, and at the same time in Guizhou on the basis of the original sour acid instead of improvement and innovation do not stimulate Essien. Do a perfect match and combined with the sour soup, delicious taste. Seven seconds fish fillets to join Hot pot products famous water ginseng snakehead as raw materials, the snakehead through professional chef piece produced crystal fish, lubricating delicate, in the soup in boiling 7 seconds to eat. Soft juice beauty, long aftertaste, put in the secret system dipped in water a little taste, taste better.

seven seconds fish Hot pot adhere to green, health, nutrition, fresh, fragrant and tender, cool as the characteristics of the new fish Hot pot, the taste should pass and old, North and south of the preferences, with beauty, appetite, puzzle eyesight and other effects, to achieve perfect combination of taste and health >

seven seconds fish health hot pot, delicious and healthy fish pot, open a fire, detonated a new round of hot pot market, in line with the needs of the market, won the public’s favorite, in the peer occupies an absolute advantage!

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