Micro blog lead the new era of entrepreneurial vegetables


as a new social networking platform, in today’s society, has played a function of its more powerful, it is micro-blog marketing, micro-blog marketing has many advantages, is more convenient.

42 years old, Pixian alumni, Sichuan province Chengdu City Town Garden Village, he and most of China farmers — industrious, simple, honest, pure. He is always speaking in a thick Sichuan accent, he said: "no no, farming!"

fans through micro-blog "order"

2009, Li Xueyou learned the news, see "farmers forum" on the Internet, he passed the "invisible network" to understand the environmental protection farming WWF   (WWF) volunteers learn vegetable planting ecological opportunities.

for many years, Li Xueyou, for the first time that "without chemical fertilizers and pesticides in vegetables can more money", is also the first time to see the magic of the solar trap".

2011 in the spring, Li Xueyou decided on micro-blog "do things their own vegetables". He began to write: "I take the lettuce sprouts." "If people love good radish leaves." Rape grow fat."……

let Li Xueyou unexpected is that these seemingly rough word actually attracted numerous fans onlookers, many fans asked, "take a look at the photos?" Do not sell food ah? Can you send it to your house?" "Micro-blog can order food?"  ……

the sudden attention let Li Xueyou excited, he learned to use a mobile phone camera, with micro-blog. He decided to advertise with micro-blog, the environmental protection of his group of food to sell through micro-blog. However, how to sell it? Li Xueyou sent a form to micro-blog, the vegetable pictures, price, delivery range to clear out, "!"

until July 2011, a fan of a Li Xueyou customer. Fans through micro-blog "order": "rape easy Oh, recommended

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