Do business to be able to analyze the reasons

is now a lot of people regardless of their daily life, or your life, it is too much in disorderly fashion, whether it is good or bad, will not cause analysis. I graduated from the Department of management of domestic university, when the taxi drivers know the people that I was put fine timber to petty use.

when the taxi driver, I still take notes, the weather every day, time, travel, passenger flow, income registration, and then statistics, analysis, and gradually summed up some rules.

on Monday to Friday morning, I will drive to the upscale residential area, where the taxi to work relatively. To 9 am, I will go to the hotel, then the person who had just finished breakfast, to go out to work, the people are ready to play. Most of these guests from the field, the surrounding environment is relatively unfamiliar, so a taxi is a convenient choice. At noon time can be divided into two parts: before lunch, go to the company gathered a large office building, this time there will be a lot of people go out to dinner, because at noon break time is short, fast and convenient for guests will choose to take a taxi; after lunch, go to restaurants are concentrated in blocks, meal time to rush back to work.

PM 3 am, I will go to the bank nearby, because the money people with more money than usual, most do not want to squeeze the bus, but will choose a relatively safe taxi. 5 pm, the city began to traffic jam, I went to the airport, train station or suburbs. After dinner, I will go to the big business restaurant, send those who eat meal home. And then take a break, and then go to the door of leisure and entertainment…… Although I am a novice, income is the highest.

does not feel unbelievable? Driving a taxi, there is so much attention? On the taxi industry, we generally believe that as long as the car will be on the line. As a result, many taxi drivers are running blind all day, the business is not good, they lamented too many taxis, fierce competition; lamented the growing number of private cars, motorcycles, business is not good to do…… In fact, there is no money to do not work with the industry, only do not make money, the key depends on how we develop professional quality, find the right way to make money and shortcuts.

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