20 thousand yuan investment projects to make money

venture capital has always been the key factors restricting people’s investment, many entrepreneurs do not have much capital, therefore, only to find some small capital venture to join, then 20 thousand yuan investment can join what entrepreneurial projects?

bedding disinfection Service Agency

bedding long after continuous use of bacteria, the general family through cleaning, dry and clean, not up to the requirements of scientific disinfection. The project is to provide family oriented health services for this situation. Ozone sterilizer, the franchise has newly developed has the advantages of simple operation, for various types of household bedding, sofa for disinfection, effectively kill various bacteria. The initial investment in the project is mainly rent, decoration, machine purchase, join the cost of about 60 thousand yuan.

crystal tooth shop

crystal tooth decoration is the most popular in the teeth of the. Investment in the project, you need to rent a 10 square meters of the facade, the purchase of related prosthodontia, cleaning equipment and instruments, the purchase of part of dental adhesives, crystal ornaments, the other for the relevant business licenses and permits, do some decoration, the initial investment of twenty thousand yuan. Charges according to the different colors of the teeth, the size of the diameter.

waterless car wash

the project does not require high skill, high investment, no waste water, no pollution, only need to order special detergent can. The main method is: first use of water-saving washing machine (can be ejected gas, similar blower) cars on the earth to blow, and then the " super car washing water; " (special configuration liquid) spray evenly on the surface of the paint, use the wet towel or sponge to wipe the car, and then polishing towel or dry towel polishing, dirty car will soon be bright. For the more dirty and difficult to clean the chassis, engine, tires and other parts, can be made with a special car foam dry cleaning machine.

office looking for a combination of a piece of land in urban and rural areas, to invest in the cultivation of asparagus, Artemisia, Ma Lan, shepherd’s purse, green food, small investment, quick, broad market, low technical content, easy to master. Adapt to the city

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