The business can not sell fake stuff in the shop

had set up shop management experience people should all know that if the real thing, the cost would be very high, the profit will be limited. But if the sale of counterfeit goods, everything will be completely different, the profit will be very high. However, fake, not only let him hate every consumer, but also the most likely to give us businesses bring losses and troubles.

I just open a shop, due to lack of experience, lack of inspection, had been in several cases of inferior toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo and other daily necessities, that had thrown into the trash, therefore suffered some losses. As the saying goes, you live and learn. Since then, every time I purchase special care.

years ago, a new van came to the front of the store is to send washing products, the salesman came into the shop and handed me a dozen proof thick, I know this material casually where can copy, can’t prove what.

delivery man out several boxes of washing products, I took a bottle of detergent, handle and component is wrong, feeling only half a bottle, open the bottle, invert, hard squeeze before emitting a lump like paste sticky things, needless to say, must be false.

the two boy was honest, no excuses, told me that is "high imitation products", I think they are also the first time to do business, and I said to them: "this kind of high imitation products despite high profits, but the fake is a fake, I would never sell, here I only sell genuine goods. You do not care, love for this kind of product? If you buy is not very angry?" Listen to me, the two boys didn’t say anything.

to him in the short term can indeed create very high wealth, however, for the long-term development of the shop will be very bad. So, if you want to open a long-term stable money shop, selling counterfeit goods can not, after all, this black money is not long to earn.

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