Yuan clothing store can make money

in the current business situation, the number of business opportunities in the apparel market is large, which, × yuan clothing store in the past few years after the advent of the hot market has been a good development. However, such a business situation in the end how? × yuan clothing store can make money?

case: 19 yuan, 10 yuan clothing store shop pants…… These cheap clothing store advertising, in recent years in the major TV stations, rolling broadcast". In such a powerful fudge offensive, in 2009 to join such a clothing store investors do a lot of money to have a certain number of. But with its spread all over the streets, people’s enthusiasm is greatly reduced.

× yuan clothing store can make money? In Guangzhou, for example, 80% of the stores have closed down. Beijing Road, Guangzhou boss Wang, from the beginning of the end of 2008 more than a year, the replacement of the 4 brands of clothing stores, but no one can hold up to more than 3 months.

comment: × yuan clothing store can make money? According to the Guangzhou Garment Association official said, in fact, the majority of these institutions wholesale commodity prices to investors in more than 30 yuan, the quality is not satisfactory. A long time, the advantage of the price is not attractive to consumers. And this project is extremely easy to cause the wind, like Zhengzhou, a street there are nearly 10 such shops, which also greatly split the target customers.

× yuan clothing store can make money? Many franchisees have serious deficit, a month lost million franchisees everywhere. However, 2010 is still operating the shop investors can choose the guerrilla management mode, directly into the community and the flow shop, before the loss of freshness in consumers timely steering, is a good way of constantly changing customer groups.

such an opportunity in the beginning of the time, is indeed a good market operating conditions, but also by a lot of consumer recognition. However, with the increasing number of operators, but also want to rely on × yuan clothing store to make money no doubt began to continue to fall, is not desirable.

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