Do you really need five proof

when the central bank issued on the online payment of the draft, caused widespread discussion, some people say that this is the history of the most stringent online payment provisions, also joked that later can’t buy Apple mobile phone on the Internet, some people say that red hair need five, according to this view, this paper explain.

in the central bank about online payment draft after the announcement, ridicule users, the future if you want to micro letter envelopes, need to submit proof of the five institutions to verify their identity to WeChat.

"but in fact, if directly set to five institutions, this is equivalent to a government office door drumming, but shouting heavy grievances." An industry source told the first financial daily reporters.

the sources said, the contents of the draft is more complex, for the red thing, not simply by several agencies that it.

For the present, such as

we all know from the beginning of this year the Spring Festival, the red envelopes have been popular, and is considered to be a trend in the future, the online payment of new draft, nature makes people feel very dissatisfied with the red envelopes proved to be open. In fact, the red envelopes really don’t need to open five shows that this argument can be closed.

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