How to do when seasonal clothing store promotion

August and September in the fall, for the clothing store, what time do summer promotion? Wait until August and September to do it? In the season is an important aspect of the clothing store. It includes two levels: one is to know when the next season of goods; the two is to know when to begin to deal with seasonal goods. If an owner does not know the timely processing of seasonal products, that he must not know how to change, because this is a related link, when the season of goods if not a lot of treatment, he will be delayed on next season’s goods wishful thinking.

most of the time delay on the new owner reason is: one, want to sell some products to increase cash flow; two, thought into the next season of the goods, that existing will not be sold; three, the season is not strong.

The store owner

a lot of failed season time is generally not strong, many customers are asked to enter the next season will normally store goods, and guide customers to season, not to remind customers store season.

clothing is divided into two parts, one is the year sales season, the other is underwear, coats, money is not the half idle, if their investment is not enough, if coupled with the product backlog that is one disaster after another.

in January the weather is cold, people still wear clothes in winter, spring and autumn began on February, this season is a season of clothes, to the end of March sales season is basically over, from around March 10th began to stop the purchase, promotion store clothes, twenty days down. Basically can almost promotion.

Seasonal products

started in April is more, a summer. The summer season is generally the product to the end of July and early August ended. Promotion from July to begin, the volume of goods from the beginning of June to decline, the decline in the proportion is generally about 40%, the promotion of a principle is: in the hottest time to start processing summer supplies!

8 month on the beginning of autumn loaded, but the amount should not be too much, adhere to the purpose of selling fast fill.

9 month beginning in late winter activities, winter activities started from the end of November, at the same time careful purchase need a coat, with the most real sales basis (with the average number of customers a month? What is the ratio of the shopping coat? Coupled with the special circumstances of the Spring Festival should be more appropriate?.

is not the main reason for the backlog of Chinese new year sales estimates, because the Chinese people shopping concept is concentrated in the first few days before the new year shopping, especially clothes.

for clothing, a few days before the Spring Festival is not the most important time, because parents are the first child, after their own, because the test

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