Transit Strike Limits Disabled Persons

first_img ————————————————————— The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission is urging both sides in the Metro Transit strike in Halifax Regional Municipality to remain aware of the needs of persons with disabilities and hopes there will be a speedy end to the labour dispute. HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION–Transit Strike Limits Disabled Persons “With Access-A-Bus services limited to patients attending their kidney dialysis appointments, persons with disabilities are severely limited with respect to ordinary day to day activities,” said director and CEO David Shannon. “The commission is aware that there are not enough wheelchair accessible taxi cabs in HRM to support the disability community even when Access-A-Bus is operating at normal capacity, and Halifax lags behind the remainder of Canadian metropolitan centres regarding accessible transit. The commission would like to see this issue receive more consideration.”last_img read more

A look at the evidence the jury considered in the Gerald Stanley

first_imgBATTLEFORD, Sask. – Gerald Stanley, a 56-year-old white farmer, shot Colten Boushie, a 22-year-old Indigenous man, on Stanley’s property near Biggar, Sask., in the early evening of Aug. 9, 2016. Boushie died instantly from a single bullet to the back of the head as he sat in the driver’s seat of an SUV. A jury without any visibly Indigenous members acquitted Stanley last week of second-degree murder, which sparked angry protests alleging racism.Here’s a look at the evidence at trial:Boushie’s friends:Boushie, from the Red Pheasant First Nation, had spent most of the day with Eric Meechance, Cassidy Cross, Kiora Wuttunee and Belinda Jackson. An autopsy report showed Boushie had a blood- alcohol level more than three times the legal driving limit when he died.Meechance testified the group had been drinking and swimming in the South Saskatchewan River. They were in Wuttunee’s SUV, a grey Ford Escape, and heading back to the reserve when they got a leak in a tire. They stopped at a farm about 15 kilometres from Stanley’s property.Cross initially told police that the group was checking out a truck on the farm, but told court they were actually there to steal. He testified he used a rifle to break into the truck and, during the break-in, the stock of the gun broke off. The group left and Cross drove to Stanley’s farm. He said the group wanted to ask for help with the flat tire.Meechance testified that he and Cross were on an all-terrain vehicle in Stanley’s yard, but ran when someone started yelling. Back in their SUV, Meechance said Cross drove into a parked vehicle and a man then smashed their windshield. He and Cross got out and started running.Jackson testified that an older man came around to the passenger side of the SUV where Boushie was sitting and shot him twice in the head. She previously told police she thought a woman shot Boushie. Boushie was shot once and was seated in the driver’s seat.Wuttunee did not testify. Court heard she was sleeping in the SUV.Stanley’s son:Sheldon Stanley testified he was working on a fence with his father when they heard the ATV start and thought it was being stolen. They ran toward the SUV. He threw a hammer at the windshield, then ran into the house to grab his truck keys.He said he heard two shots while he was inside and a third shot as he came out. His father was holding a gun in one hand and a magazine in the other and told him “it just went off.”The son said two women in the back seat got out and started yelling. They pulled Boushie out of the SUV and a gun missing its stock fell out of the vehicle with the body. He said the women began hitting his mother, who had been mowing the lawn.He said he told the women to get back in the SUV and they did. He called 911.Gerald Stanley:Stanley told the jury the shooting was an accident.He testified that after he heard the ATV start, he and his son ran to the SUV. He kicked at a tail light, then grabbed a handgun normally used to scare off wildlife. He said he loaded the gun with two bullets and fired two shots in the air to scare the group away. He said he pulled the trigger several more times to make sure the gun was empty, then popped out the cartridge.Stanley said he next ran to the driver’s side of the SUV because he couldn’t see his wife and was concerned she had been run over. He reached inside to take the keys out of the ignition. He was still holding the gun with his other hand. “And — boom — this thing just went off.”He said he waited for police inside the house with his family. They drank coffee at their dining-room table.Gun evidence:Defence lawyer Scott Spencer argued the deadly shot was the result of a so-called hang fire, an unexpected delay between when a trigger is pulled and the discharge. Experts testified a hang fire could explain an unusual bulge found in the gun’s cartridge and that a hang fire is more likely to occur with old ammunition.Stanley testified the bullets he used were more than 60 years old and had been stored in an unheated shed.The experts also told court that hang fires are rare and usually last less than a second.The judge:Chief Justice Martel Popescul told jurors they had three choices. If they found beyond a reasonable doubt that Stanley intended to shoot Boushie, he was guilty of second-degree murder.If Stanley did not mean to shoot Boushie but his actions were careless — and he ought to have known someone could be hurt – he should be found guilty of the lesser, included offence of manslaughter.If Stanley’s actions were reasonable, the judge said, he must be acquitted.last_img read more

60year old charged with fraud

Halton police have arrested the person they believe is responsible for various types of frauds including credit card fraud and identity theft.Police say 60-year old Christine Watkins is now facing a number of charges.But they’re also looking for two male accomplices and they’ve released these pictures hoping the public can help.Police say the fraud took place at a number of retail stores and banks in Halton and across the GTA since this past May.The losses are estimated to be around $250,000.00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09 read more

Acute food insecurity far too high UN agency warns as 113 million

“It is clear from the Global Report that despite a slight drop in 2018 in the number of people experiencing acute food insecurity – the most extreme form of hunger – the figure is still far too high”, said FAO Director-General, José Graziano da Silva, speaking at a two-day conference to discuss the findings, in Brussels.“We must act at scale across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus to build the resilience of affected and vulnerable populations. To save lives, we also have to save livelihoods”, he added.While critical to saving lives and alleviating human suffering, humanitarian assistance does not address the root causes of food crises, WFP Executive Director, David Beasley noted in Brussels, highlighted the importance of “attacking the root causes of hunger: conflict, instability, the impact of climate shocks”.“Boys and girls need to be well-nourished and educated, women need to be truly empowered, rural infrastructure must be strengthened in order to meet that Zero Hunger goal.Programmes that make a community resilient and more stable will also reduce the number of hungry people. And one thing we need world leaders to do as well: step up to the plate and help solve these conflicts, right now”, Mr. Beasley added.From 2014 to 2020, the EU will have provided nearly €9 billion for initiatives on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture in over 60 countries.”Food crises continue to be a global challenge, which requires our joint efforts. The EU continues to step up its humanitarian efforts. Over the last three years, the EU allocated the biggest humanitarian food and nutrition assistance budget ever, with nearly €2 billion overall. Food crises are becoming more acute and complex and we need innovative ways to tackle and prevent them from happening”, said Christos Stylianides, EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP) and EU “Global Report on Food Crises 2019”, shows that the number going chronically-hungry has remained well over 100 million over the past three years, with the number of countries affected, rising.According to the report, nearly two-thirds of those facing acute hunger come from just eight countries: Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. And although there were 11 million fewer people believed to be in food crisis in 2018 compared with 2017, in 17 countries, acute hunger either remained the same or increased, the report indicates.Moreover, an additional 143 million people in another 42 countries are just one step away from acute hunger. Climate and natural disasters pushed another 29 million people into acute food insecurity in 2018, says the report, and that number excludes 13 countries – including North Korea and Venezuela – because of data gaps.New report from @UN, @EU_Commission & partners finds that:💥 conflict and insecurity🌊 climate shocks 💶 and economic turbulence continued to be the main drivers of #hunger in 2018. Get the Report 👉— WFP Europe (@WFP_Europe) April 2, 2019 read more

Joy Mining Machinery awards in China and UK

first_imgJoy Mining Machinery has signed a contract with Huainan Mining Industry for the supply of longwall equipment. The contract is for two 7LS6 longwall shearers, along with spare parts and product services. Huainan is a major coal producer in Anhui Province, close to Shanghai; annually producing 30.8 Mt of raw coal, with plans to increase production to 72.5 Mt by 2010 with the introduction of high-efficiency mining equipment and the opening of six new coal mines presently under development. With the opening of these mines, Huainan Mining Industry will double the number of coal mines it operates, from six to 12, and will be operating a total of 23 longwall faces. This, Joy said, represents future requirements for a variety of highly productive, efficient longwall mining equipment, such as the Joy 7LS2 and 7LS3 shearers for the extraction of medium thickness coal seams, and continuous miner bolters for the development of longwall panels. Joy has plans to open a sales and service office in Huainan to support this important and growing market for quality, high efficient and productive mining equipment. The two Joy7LS6 shearers purchased in late September will be operating in Huainan’s Guqiao mine, one of the new mines now under development.In Britain, Joy Mining Machinery UK will be furnishing two complete state-of-the-art longwall mining systems to Powerfuel as the company reopens its Hatfield coal mine in Yorkshire. The two systems each consists of a Joy 7LS shearer, 700 t capacity hydraulic roof supports with Joy’s RS20s control system, and an armoured face conveyor and stage loader, as well as ancillary equipment.Hatfield Colliery, located near Doncaster, was idled in 2004, and has been undergoing a programme to develop its reserves and to construct a mine-mouth clean-coal power plant with the capacity of 1 GW. This has been a joint venture with the Russian coal giant, Kuzbassrazrezugol (KRU) that, in March 2006, signed an agreement to acquire a 51% interest in Powerfuel.This represents KRU’s first major direct international acquisition. The company, already an important exporter of coal to the UK, operates surface mines in the Kuznetsky coal basin (Kuzbass) in southwestern Siberia, and has coal reserves of about 2,000 Mt.Prior to its delivery to Hatfield, the first of the two longwall systems is scheduled to undergo compatibility trials in August 2007. The second longwall system will be delivered in 2008. When the two systems are fully operational, the mine is expected to produce about 2 Mt/y from the 3 m Barnsley seam, primarily for delivery to power plants in Yorkshire and the Midlands.last_img read more

Mikkel Hansen is MVP of the Olympic tournament 2016

← Previous Story HISTORY! Denmark take Olympic gold! Next Story → After Handball-Planet award Anna Vyakhireva is Rio 2016 MVP! The International Handball Federation announced the BEST 7 players of the Men’s Olympic tournament in Rio. The biggest star of the two weeks event at “Future Arena” was the Danish left back Mikkel Hansen. The PSG Handball member was the biggest threat for all the rivals, who helped some other Danish players to reach the full potential during the tournament.Here is the BEST 7 at Men’s Olympic tournament in Rio.MVP: Mikkel Hansen (DEN)All-star Team:Goalkeeper : Niklas Landin Jacobsen (DEN)Left wing: Uwe Gensheimer (GER)Left back : Mikkel Hansen (DEN)Playmaker : Nikola Karabatic (FRA)Right back : Valentin Porte (FRA)Right wing : Lasse Svan (DEN)Pivot : Cedric Sorhaindo (FRA)TOP scorer : Karol Bielecki (POL) – 55 goalsPHOTO: IHF, Stephane Pillaud Mikkel HansenRio 2015rio 2016 read more

HTC Arrive On Sale March 20th

first_imgHTC will release the first Windows Phone 7 phone under the HTC brand on Sprint on March 20th. The HTC Arrive has already launched in Europe as HTC 7 Pro, but has been hinted for a US release since October of last year. The handset will cost $199.00 (after $100.00 dollar rebate) along with two year contract. The HTC Arrive runs Windows 7 and features a QWERTY keyboard, 3.6 WVGA touchscreen, 1GHZ processor(Snapdragon), 720p video recorder, Wi-Fi, 5MP camera, and, 16GB internal storage. No word on if the phone has a SD slot, or will run on 3G.Via Engadgetlast_img read more

Geek deals Dell Inspiron 17R Windows 8 laptop 80211n router more

first_imgLarger screen laptops have long been a welcome relief to anyone glued to their PC for hours on end. We pack our desks with 20-inch, or even larger, monitors, but the seemingly insignificant difference between a 14-inch and 17-inch laptop is huge given how much closer it sits.With a PC in your lap, a model like today’s Dell Inspiron 17R makes for an entirely different computing experience. The extra inches add up to a lot and you get more pixels too, with this model’s HD+ 1600 x 900 display coming in a fair sight better than the usual 1366 x 768 resolution we see commonly in 14 and 15-inch laptops.The Inspiron 17R has a lot more going for it than just its screen size, thanks to host of standard features from Dell. It comes with four USB 3.0 ports, including one that can charge your mobile devices, HDMI and VGA video outputs, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, and a full-size keyboard with number pad. Windows 8 now comes preloaded on all models as well.The model featured in our deal today comes with a 3rd gen Intel Core i5 processor, the new Ivy Bridge chip that offers 15% better CPU performance and 60% faster GPU performance. You also get 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 1 Terabyte hard drive. Dell also throws in 90 days of premium phone support and 1 year of on-site warranty service at no extra cost.After instant savings and a coupon, this model is just $649.99 with free shipping. This configuration is already a good deal at that price, but considering most 17-inch laptops command a price premium this is especially hot.Dell Inspiron 17R 3rd Gen Core i5 17.3-inch Laptop w/ Windows 8, 1TB Hard Drive for $649.99 + free shipping(normally $929.99 | use coupon code 5J8MMN12$3H?DZ | ends Nov. 7 or sooner)Our other top deals:Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Ultra Small HTPC + Backlit Multimedia Remote for $299 + free shipping(normally $479 | use coupon code USPQ2W1101 | ends Nov. 7 or sooner)Factory Refurbished Linksys E2500 Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router for $33.24 + free shipping(normally $89.99 | use coupon code HSDISH5 | ends Nov. 6 or sooner)Dell S2740L 27″ 1080p LED-backlit IPS LCD Monitor w/edge-to-edge glass for $309.99 + free shipping(normally $369.99 | use $60 instant savings | ends Nov. 6 or sooner)last_img read more

Egypt pivotal to Australias Middle East policy

first_imgIn the midst of the redeployment of Australian troops in the Middle East, and the introduction of tougher counter-terrorism legislation, an Egyptian delegation of policy makers, journalists and civil society was in Melbourne to participate in the inaugural Australia Egypt Dialogue, hosted by La Trobe University’s Centre for Dialogue on Thursday and Friday of this week. The Egyptian delegation was led by Egypt’s former foreign minister, Ambassador Mohamed El Oraby, who served as the second foreign minister after the toppling of Egypt’s former president Mubarak in 2011- in one of the most critical times of Egypt’s modern history. The aim of the Dialogue, according to the director of the Centre for Dialogue, Professor Alberto Gomes, was “to bring together scholars, policy, opinion makers, captains of industry and others, from both countries concerned with the future prospects for regional and global cooperation, mindful of the strategic importance of the Middle East, and the powerful changes sweeping across the Arab world and beyond”.The importance of Egypt in the region was recently acknowledged by the US Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry. During his recent visit to Cairo, Mr Kerry stated that “Egypt has a key role to play in countering Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria”. The Egyptian group included Mohamed Sabreen from the Al-Ahram newspaper, the largest circulating newspaper in that country, Omar Metwally, Egypt’s former ambassador to Australia, Hafsa Halawa, lawyer and human rights activist and Ahmad Naguib, one of the leaders of the Egyptian Revolution – the head of the organising committee of the first sit in of Tahrir Square.“In an age of monologue, acrimony and insecurity, the Australia Egypt Dialogue seeks to intervene with a real conversation that involves Australian and Egyptian decision and opinion makers about a country and a region we don’t fully understand and appreciate,” said Dr Michális S. Michael, deputy director of the Centre for Dialogue and the project’s leader. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Citizen Scientists Help Find SuperEarth Exoplanet

first_imgStay on target Water Vapor Detected on Potentially ‘Habitable’ PlanetNone of Jupiter’s New Satellites Are Named Moony McMoonface Using data from NASA’s retired Kepler space telescope, citizen scientists discovered a previously unknown planet about twice the size of Earth.It remains unclear whether the new world, known as K2-288Bb, is rocky or gaseous. One thing is apparent, though: Its magnitude is rare among exoplanets.Spotted by a team of astronomers analyzing data from Kepler’s K2 mission, this mysterious globe could either be a low-density mini-Neptune or a large rocky super-Earth.The exoplanet lies in the habitable zone of K2-288B, a low-mass star in a binary stellar system in the constellation Taurus, about 226 light years from Earth. It orbits a smaller, dimmer star every 31.3 days.“It’s a very exciting discovery due to how it was found, its temperate orbit, and because planets of this size seem to be relatively uncommon,” according to University of Chicago grad student Adina Feinstein, lead author of a paper describing the orb, published by The Astronomical Journal.Artist’s conception of Kepler (via: NASA/Ames/Dan Rutter)In 2017, Feinstein and Makennah Bristow, an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina Asheville, worked as interns with Joshua Schlieder, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.During analysis of Kepler’s K2 mission, the team noticed two likely planetary transits. Scientists, however, require a third transit—the dimming of a star when an orbiting planet moves across its face—before claiming the discovery of a candidate planet.It turns out the third transit was hiding there all along, buried under systematic errors caused by the spacecraft’s repositioning of itself every three months.Schlieder & Co. re-ran the campaign data and planet search to produce a list of candidates, which were shipped off to Exoplanet Explorers—a project where the public searches Kepler’s K2 observations to locate new transiting planets.In May 2017, volunteers noticed the third transit.“It took the keen eyes of citizen scientists to make this extremely valuable find and point us to it,” Feinstein admitted.K2-288 is the third transiting planet system identified by the Exoplanet Explorers program, following the six orbs of K2-138 and the three worlds of K2-233.NASA’s exoplanet hunter, the Kepler space telescope, leaves a legacy of more than 2,600 exoplanet discoveries (via NASA/Wendy Stenzel/Daniel Rutter)Launched in March 2009, the space observatory (named after astronomer Johannes Kepler) was designed to assess some 150,000 stars in the constellation Cygnus.But it became so much more than that: The telescope took the first survey of planets in the Milky Way, and became the agency’s first mission to detect Earth-size exoplanets. Recent analysis of Kepler data suggests that as many as 50 percent of visible stars have small, possibly rocky planets located within their habitable zone.After nine years and more than 2,600 planet discoveries, NASA’s Kepler space telescope retired in October.The craft ran out of fuel needed for further operations, and was left to float aimlessly through the cosmos in its safe orbit, “away from Earth.”NASA launched its new planet hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, in April; TESS has already successfully completed a lunar flyby and spotted three new planets.More on Space Telescope Captures Awesome View of Neighboring GalaxyUltima Thule Looks Like a Snowman in First New Horizons ImagesNASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Breaks Space Exploration Recordlast_img read more

Press Talk Oh My Mielke misses again

first_imgLou Brancaccio is The Columbian’s editor. It’s not quite “Waterworld” or “Wayne’s World,” but it is quite a hoot.It is (dramatic pause required here) Mielke’s World!If you lived in it (and we do), you’d mostly be scratching your head. You’d also be hiding in your closet hoping the storm would eventually blow itself out. So far, no such luck.And if you think I’m kidding, well, apparently you didn’t watch the latest county council meeting.Mielke, of course, is County Councilor Tom Mielke. He’s better known as the back half of the M&M boys, the other piece of the franchise being County Councilor David Madore.Together, the M&M boys have created messes of biblical proportions in our lovely Clark County. So much so that voters sent both of them to the woodshed, gutting their powers by passing a home rule charter.But Mielke — being Mielke — never got the memo. He just bungles along hoping if he spits enough words out, eventually they will fall together to form a complete sentence.His latest misadventure was his proposal to get “In God We Trust” plastered on a wall in the county’s meeting room.last_img read more

Arctic Man Race Announces 2018 As Final Year For Title Race

first_imgThis year’s race will be held Friday, April 13, with a Saturday, April 14 backup race date. In a release from race officials they stated that this year “will be a historic one to watch, as this will be the last as we know it. Officially, Arctic Man featuring skiers and snowboarders will not happen in 2019.” Roughly a dozen teams have signed up for this years event. The race will take place near Summit Lake on the Richardson Highway, just north of Paxon. The event consists of teams of two , with a skier and a snowmachiner. The skier goes down a mountain, is towed by the snowmachine up another incline, and the skier goes down again. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享After over 32 years the popular Alaskan Winter/Spring Event, the Arctic Man Title Race, is ending, according to race organizers. Even though 2018 is the last year for the race, organizers say there will be plenty to do at Arctic Man in upcoming years.last_img read more

Excess Capacity Expected to Reach 21 Percent Army Says

first_imgForce reductions shrinking the Army’s active-duty end strength from 490,000 to 450,000 soldiers by the end of fiscal 2018 will increase the portion of the service’s infrastructure considered excess to 21 percent, according to a rough estimate.“And it’s only going to get worse as the Army declines in force structure,” Paul Cramer, deputy assistant secretary for installations, housing, and partnerships, told Federal News Radio.Officials previously had said the Army’s excess capacity ranged between 12 and 28 percent in the United States, depending on facility category, with an overall average of 18 percent. That analysis was based on an active force of 490,000, a target the Army planned to reach at the beginning of the month.With Congress refusing to allow DOD to shed some of its unneeded installations through a BRAC round, the Army faces a severe shortfall in funding to operate and sustain its facilities. To stretch its dollars further, Lt. Gen. David Halverson — assistant chief of staff for installation management and commander of Installation Management Command — recently signed an execution order directing commanders to consolidate personnel and activities into the newest buildings and attempt to vacate older facilities that are not being fully used.Some unused buildings will be placed in a long-term mothball status, with others designated for eventual demolition, according to the story.“People have a tendency just to expand into whatever buildings they have, but we’ve already lost 80,000 soldiers,” Halverson said. “We need to get them into facilities that optimize the space we have and not have to invest as much in the lower-quality. That’s a new initiative that we’ll be pushing pretty hard this year,” he said.The problem for the Army is that a drop in an installation’s population will not result in a proportional reduction in the cost to operate the base due to the fixed costs required to keep things running.“We’ve already reduced our force structure by 20 percent, and the cost of running our bases has not declined anywhere near that,” Andy Napoli, assistant for BRAC in the office of the assistant secretary of the Army for installations, energy and environment, told Federal News Radio.The service would need to shutter some installations completely to generate significant savings.“The only way you can truly get after that is you have to close a few bases and realign the missions to the bases with higher military value. That gives you permanent savings, and the magnitude of savings you’d get with just a few bases would dwarf any amount of demolition we could do at all of our bases,” Napoli said. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Gold prices could fall below 1000 in 2016 Report

first_imgGold prices are likely to fall below $1,000 per troy ounce next year in view due to the strengthening of the US dollar and further interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve in 2016, suggest analysts.”As the US dollar strengthens and interest rates in the US go higher, I think gold is going to lose some of its shine. We see prices heading towards the $1,000-per-ounce mark or even lower than that in 2016,” said Vasun Menon, vice-president of Wealth Management at OCBC Bank.Another analyst is equally convinced about the yellow metal’s fall.Gold was trading at $1,073 on early Thursday, 24 December, after having plunged to a six-year low of $1,049 on 17 December, a day after the US Federal Reserve announced its decision to raise interest rate by 25 basis points, according to a Channel News Asia report.”We are fairly constructive on the US dollar given that the rate cycle in the US is quite the opposite of the rate cycle in the rest of the world. That’s going to put downward pressure on gold prices and a break below $1,000 is potentially in store,” said Seamus Donoghue, CEO of Allocated Bullion Solutions.With China, the world’s largest consumer of gold, projected to grow at 6.3% in 2016 as against 6.8% this year, the low-demand-induced fall in gold prices is also seen as another factor by analysts.Buying on account of falling prices by India, the second-largest consumer of the precious metal, may not be enough to compensate the twin effects of the strengthening US dollar and weakening Chinese economy.If gold falls below $1,000 and settles around $985 by the end of 2016, as expected by Phillip Futures, the metal would have touched a new low since 2009, said the Channel News Asia report.Gold demand in India during the quarter ended September 2015 was 268.1 tonnes, up 12.55% from 238.2 tonne in the corresponding period last year, according to the World Gold Council. China’s gold demand in the third quarter ended September 2015 was 239.9 tonnes, lower than India. China’s five-year average was 242.3 tonnes, as against India’s average of 228.2 tonnes.India’s gold imports declined 36.48% to $3.53 billion last month, as against $5.57 billion in November 2014.Gold closed at Rs 26,149 per 10 gm in Delhi on Thursday, up 1.45% from Rs 25,775.40 on Wednesday.last_img read more

BNP accuses AL of destroying liberation war spirit

first_imgBNPBangladesh Nationalist Party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday alleged that whenever Awami League came to power it destroyed the spirit of the liberation war, reports UNB.”We waged the liberation war in 1971 with a dream to build a democratic and modern state ensuring the freedom of expression. But the dream still remains unimplemented. Whenever Awami League got the chance to come power, it destroyed the spirit of liberation war,” he said.The BNP leader came up with the comments while speaking at a discussion at Mohanagar Natya Mancha in the city, arranged by the party marking the Martyred Intellectual Day.He alleged that the government is taking all-out steps to eliminate its opponents and those who hold alternative opinions.Fakhrul called upon people from all walks of life to get united to restore democracy and freedom of expression in the country.He said the government has completely politicised the administration and brought the judiciary under the control of the ruling party.The BNP leader alleged that those who are raising their voice against the current regime are being made disappeared, killed, harassed and implicated in ‘false’ cases.Turning to the next election issue, he urged the government to engage in talks with political parties for finding out an acceptable way for holding the polls in a credible manner as per the hopes and aspirations of people. Otherwise, Fakhrul warned, the government will have to face serious public wraths.BNP standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain said they heard that a conspiracy is on to keep them out of the election race by implicating the BNP chairperson and all other leaders in cases and ensuring their conviction.”But we want to say unequivocally that the 11th national election will not be similar to the 2014 polls as it will not be allowed to hold such an election,” he said.If the 11th general election is held like the one held in 2014, it will only kill democracy, the spirit of the liberation war and that of the martyred intellectuals. “So, the BNP which was founded by freedom fighter late president Ziaur Rahman will never let it do so,” Mosharraf added.Another BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed said the independence of the country’s judiciary and the Supreme Court was hampered by the government. “Now the government forces judges to resign as it made former chief justice SK Sinha to do so by humiliating and insulting them on any silly ground.”Presided over by Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the discussion was also addressed by BNP standing committee member Abdul Moyeen Khan, BNP vice chairperson Selima Rahman, Dhaka University professors Mahbubullah and Sukomal Barua.BNP publicity secretary Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie and its assistant publicity secretary Amirul Islam Khan Alim moderated the discussion.last_img read more

2 BCL activists sent to jail for attacking police

first_imgTwo activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) were sent to jail on Saturday in a case filed over attack on police in the district town.The accused are Ariful Haque, organising secretary of ward No. 4 unit of municipal BCL and its activist Saifuzzaman.The BCL men, riding on motorbikes, hit a plain-dressed police official and then locked into a scuffle with the law enforcers in Rajar Matt area around 6:00pm on Friday, said Golam Sarwar, officer-in-charge of Sadar model police station.As a sequel to the brawl, an organsied group of BCL men attacked police with sticks, leaving four constables – Shariar, 20, Shakhawat Hossain, 22, Hasan Al Mamun, 21 and Nazmul Habib – injured.The injured were admitted to Bandarban Sadar Hospital.A case was filed against 30 people, naming five men.Later, police arrested Ariful from Rajar Matt area and Saifuzzaman from his house.On Saturday, they were produced before a court and the court sent them to jail custody.last_img read more

Dictionarycom Chooses Complicit As Its Word Of The Year

first_img Share Photo via Dictionary.comThis screen shot provided by shows the word “complicit,” on the website.Russian election influence, the ever-widening sexual harassment scandal, mass shootings and the opioid epidemic helped elevate the word “complicit” as‘s word of the year for 2017.Look-ups of the word increased nearly 300 percent over last year as “complicit” hit just about every hot button from politics to natural disasters, lexicographer Jane Solomon told The Associated Press ahead of Monday’s formal announcement of the site’s pick.“This year a conversation that keeps on surfacing is what exactly it means to be complicit,” she said. “Complicit has sprung up in conversations about those who speak out against powerful figures in institutions, and those who stay silent.”The first of three major spikes for the word struck March 12. That was the day after “Saturday Night Live” aired a sketch starring Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump in a glittery gold dress peddling a fragrance called “Complicit” because: “She’s beautiful, she’s powerful, she’s complicit.”The bump was followed by another April 5, also related to Ivanka, Solomon said. It was the day after she appeared on “CBS This Morning” and told Gayle King, among other things: “I don’t know what it means to be complicit.”It was unclear at the time whether Ivanka was deflecting or whether the summa cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business — with a degree in economics — didn’t really know.Another major spike occurred Oct. 24, the day Arizona Republican Jeff Flake announced from the Senate floor that he would not seek re-election, harshly criticizing President Donald Trump and urging other members of the party not to stand silently with the president.“I have children and grandchildren to answer to, and so, Mr. President, I will not be complicit,” Flake said.Solomon noted that neither she nor can know what sends people to dictionaries or dictionary sites to look up “complicit” or any other word. She and other lexicographers who study look-up behavior believe it’s likely a combination of people who may not know a definition, are digging deeper or are seeking inspiration or emotional reinforcement of some sort.As for “complicit,” she said several other major events contributed to interest in the word. They include the rise of the opioid epidemic and how it came to pass, along with the spread of sexual harassment and assault allegations against an ever-growing list of powerful men, including film mogul Harvey Weinstein.The scandal that started in Hollywood and quickly spread across industries has led to a mountain of questions over who knew what, who might have contributed and what it means to stay silent.While Solomon shared percentage increases for “complicit,” the company would not disclose the number of look-ups, calling that data proprietary.The site chooses its word of the year by heading straight for data first, scouring look-ups by day, month and year to date and how they correspond to noteworthy events, Solomon said. This year, a lot of high-volume trends unsurprisingly corresponded to politics. But the site also looks at lower-volume trends to see what other words resonated. Among them:— INTERSEX: It trended on in January thanks to model Hanne Gaby Odiele speaking up about being intersex to break taboos. As a noun it means “an individual having reproductive organs or external sexual characteristics of both male and female.” traces its origins back to 1915, as the back formation of “intersexual.”— SHRINKAGE: While the word has been around since 1790, a specific definition tied to a famous 1994 episode of “Seinfeld” led to a word look-up revival in February. That’s when a house in The Hamptons where the episode was filmed went on the market. For the record: The Jason Alexander character George Costanza emerges with “shrinkage” from a pool and said “shrinkage” is noted by Jerry’s girlfriend.— TARNATION: It had a good ride on in the first few months of the year due to a round of social media fun with the “What in tarnation” meme that had animals and various objects wearing cowboy hats.— HOROLOGIST: As in master clockmaker, like the one featured in the podcast “S-Town,” the highly anticipated “This American Life” follow-up to the popular “Serial” podcast. All seven episodes of murder intrigue were released at once in March. Horologist, used in the radio story, trended around that time.— TOTALITY: There were look-up spikes in August. Thank you, solar eclipse and your narrow band of totality, meaning the strip of land where the sun was completely obscured by the moon.last_img read more

Physicists propose identification of a gravitational arrow of time

first_img © 2014 Citation: Physicists propose identification of a gravitational arrow of time (2014, November 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Configuration of masses evolving under Newtonian gravity. Barbour et al. show that nearly all such systems have a moment of “lowest complexity,” which they identify as a unique “past” from which two “futures” emerge. Journal information: Physical Review Letters Data from ‘old’ experiment appears to constrain the idea of dark photons as part of dark matter theory More information: Identification of a Gravitational Arrow of Time, Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 181101 – Published 29 October 2014 (free PDF)ABSTRACTIt is widely believed that special initial conditions must be imposed on any time-symmetric law if its solutions are to exhibit behavior of any kind that defines an “arrow of time.” We show that this is not so. The simplest nontrivial time-symmetric law that can be used to model a dynamically closed universe is the Newtonian N-body problem with vanishing total energy and angular momentum. Because of special properties of this system (likely to be shared by any law of the Universe), its typical solutions all divide at a uniquely defined point into two halves. In each, a well-defined measure of shape complexity fluctuates but grows irreversibly between rising bounds from that point. Structures that store dynamical information are created as the complexity grows and act as “records.” Each solution can be viewed as having a single past and two distinct futures emerging from it. Any internal observer must be in one half of the solution and will only be aware of the records of one branch and deduce a unique past and future direction from inspection of the available records.center_img For all the advances made in understanding the world around us, there are still two very basic fundamental concepts that have defied explanation: time and gravity. Though we have progressed greatly in measuring both and using both to understand other concepts, we still today are no closer to understanding either than we were when we first conceptualized them. Such an acknowledgment suggests that we likely have a major flaw in our understanding of the universe. In considering such a possibility, the three physicists with this new effort suggest we might look at time in a completely new way—by dividing a dynamically closed universe (ala the Newtonian N-body problem) into two halves with shape complexity growing from a single point—each solution to the problem can then be considered as having one past but two distinctly futures. In such a scenario, an observer would of necessity have to exist on one side or the other, and thus would only ever have that perspective. Critical to this idea is that the all of the energy and angular momentum in such a system would have to be zero.In essence, the team has removed time from mathematical functions that describe the energy of the universe—that’s what allows for splitting the equations that have been created to describe the evolution of the universe into two parts, with both having initial low complexity moving to higher complexity (similar in some respects to theories of time based on entropy). The proposal by the trio though phrased in a way as to suggest it’s a solution to the arrow of time problem, is not likely to be addressed as such by the physics community—it’s more likely to be considered as yet another theory that works mathematically, yet still can’t answer the basic question of what is time. Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. ( —A trio of physicists is proposing a new direction for understanding the concept of time. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Julian Barbour, of College Farm in the U.K., Tim Koslowski of the University of New Brunswick in Canada and Flavio Mercati of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics also in Canada, describe their new ideas beginning with the suggestion that initial conditions don’t necessarily need to be imposed on time-symmetric law when attempting to describe solutions to behaviors that define an “arrow of time.”last_img read more

Costa Ricas best coffee is from Naranjo

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica’s best coffee comes from this hillside in Alajuela Starbucks opens second Costa Rica location on Thursday First Starbucks in Costa Rica opens in Escazú The first Starbucks in Costa Rica will open in May Twenty international judges evaluated more than 30 Tico coffee samples and determined that Costa Rica’s best coffee is produced in Naranjo, Alajuela, at 1,650 meters above sea level, and in San Marcos de Tarrazú, south of the capital.Two coffee processing centers, or beneficios, located in these cantons took the top spots in the “2013 Costa Rica Cup of Excellence” Friday evening.Of the 30 samples tested, 22 surpassed the minimum qualification of 85, needed to participate in a worldwide online auction that will take place on June 19.Oldermar Arrieta and his wife, Marlene Brenes, are the owners of “Beneficio Vista al Valle” in Naranjo, where they sell their coffee. Now they expect to sell it across the country.They were extremely happy for the win, especially since the company is 100-percent family-run. The couple operates the farm and beneficio with only the help of three children.Last year’s Cup of Excellence was won by Beneficio Brumas del Zurquí, from Heredia. Representatives of Costa Rica in the global auction were able to obtain up to $45 a pound for their coffee.Judges said they were impressed with the quality on display at this year’s competition, especially since a decrease in international coffee prices and losses caused by coffee rust fungus have affected many coffee farms in Costa Rica. It is estimated that more than 90 of the farms affected are run by small farmers. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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