Turtle and rabbit race alternative interpretation from the teacher is not convincing success

"website" 1 days do 1 thousand IP, 7 days do 10 thousand IP, earn thousands of months to tens of thousands, want to learn speed contact QQ*****". This is my deleted blog message.

"starting from scratch, getting rich quick" has become a lot of people’s desire

this is not fresh, we all understand, 80% is to cheat others tuition. 05 years began a friend of the whole flow station looked, said: "really have this technology, why do you teach others, more copies of their own sites, and earn more on the line?"". read more

Several reasons why the website can not make money

        for the domestic most of the webmaster, the site of the purpose is to make money from the Internet, only a small part of the webmaster is to interest and do stand, but can make money from the Internet in the webmaster is less and less, according to the survey data of some institutions that can make money from the Internet webmaster also less than 10%, so webmaster why can not earn money from the Internet? In response to this question, Sha sum up a number of reasons!

        1) no clear profit target — many webmaster was in a daze in Web site, in my mind only a rough idea, and not after the practical thought of website profit mode, start sites are "monk bell, one day one day, therefore, if the owners really want to earn money in the Internet, then the line on the site before, the webmaster should be to think about how to profit, and what is a profitable way, is to rely on advertising to earn advertising fees, or to obtain income through membership recharge, or rely on other ways. These are the need to consider the webmaster! read more

Under the financial crisis grassroots entrepreneurs have stronger vitality

Under the

financial crisis, grassroots entrepreneurs have a stronger vitality,

when the financial crisis sweeps around the world, many companies are thinking about strategies to cope with the financial crisis, and they all want to spend it safely.


after flowing down a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, is the essence, in the process of survival of the fittest, strongest vitality is probably the number of grassroots entrepreneurs.

I, for example, a friend of the company, is the number 100 people, technicians accounted for half of the average annual cost is 200 thousand, a year down, almost 20 million of the investment, this is not the market promotion expenses, their website for more than a year, but not registered members to 20 thousand, much lower than they had expected effect. read more

New site construction process

Hello, I’m a novice, come to bask in my site of the process, say well, please master, don’t suggest.

since the beginning of what I do not understand, Dreamweaver, building a web page of a web page, a 10 page, with a link to a friend even, CN meters, to find a free space to hang up the site, to see their meters open the website, psychology is the happy ah. My friend visited my website and educated me.

friend finished, I know the website program system HTML div+css SEO, and later days is to find these materials, learning in learning, in a variety of local experiments. read more

Two grade city plastic surgery hospital promotion record

Hello, I am wei87, now working in Fujian city two levels of a plastic surgery hospital is responsible for network promotion, I took over the company in May 5, 2009, although the time is long, because often stationmaster net learning with you, your previous work experience to write out. At the beginning of the site, BD does not update, PR2, the set of keywords without ranking. After taking over, began to analyze the site, found that keywords do not meet the search habits, serious stack of words, no friendship links. Well, you’ve found the problem and you can work it out. read more

My view on the successful steps to promote soft writing

soft Wen is nowadays more fiery promotion method. A good soft Wen, whether it is to promote the flow or increase the chain plays a role that can not be ignored. However, if let his soft, more of the spread, first need to attract the attention of the user before a title as a friend published a monthly income of 20 thousand SEO is how to make the same series, although the article is some bookkeeping to talk about, but because this moment can attract the attention of the user making the title, four click on the soft article of this series was broken million. Therefore, we can see that to let users click on the reading article, first of all, the title must allow users to click on the interest. read more

Clever soft writing Knight Webmaster Station advance rankings

recently, because in each web site published an article entitled "analysis of the knight station, secret Adsense new opportunities" article. On the same day, by search "Knight master station" into my station, there are more than 100. The number of visits to the knight’s station has dropped recently, which may be related to the festival. From this data, the proportion of users using Baidu and Google is seen.

Baidu search the day, "Knight master station" number of read more

Let Baidu update data included in time

recently discovered a little trick:

1, in Baidu input: site:http://s.www.yw11.com (that is, your web site) to get the site to include data.

Baidu, find relevant pages 180, with 0.001 seconds

2, find

at the bottom of Baidu

, [1] [2], [3], [5], [6], [7], [4], [8], [9], 10

every 10 page down, always point to the last page, when prompted: in order to provide the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries similar content, click here to see all search results, then click on the prompt connection. read more

Beauty website optimization four skills

for the information website, pure flow is a site of vitality, for want to own product profit as a website, to distinguish these flows, which will be translated into the flow of gravity, this part is the key. For the beauty information website of the following example, we analyze how to optimize it from its content page to effectively transform this part of traffic.

content optimization

, a guide and to join.

as a high weight (PR6) information website, its originality is the purpose of its development. From the content page analysis, the introduction part of the original message and high, and in the first sentence that target keywords. Increase the correlation of the page, is conducive to page ranking, so as to get more traffic. read more

Dedecms5 1 utf 8 version modified in English

this article modifies the dedecms5.1 UTF-8 version and only modifies the article section.

first of all, if you want to modify, it is best to backup your original files so as not to make mistakes.

this modification has been tested many times and has been installed in most foreign spaces.

, if not modified, please download my dedecms5.1UTF-8 English version of the article module.

has modified the download address: China Adsense and advertising forum can not send outside, please search for "dedecms5.1-utf-8" English modified version". read more

Honestly do stand steadfast man

just read "Meizhou police busted a feeling website" the news, deep feelings, or honestly do stand, a sense of life.

can be seen from the above news of countries to strengthen the management of the network, the Internet is Chinese in chaos, is a good thing, since the network supervision is loose, add more frustration and confusion to the lack of direction of development of the industry, especially in the crevice of the grassroots webmaster. China has too many rules for Internet games and no rules of the game. read more

Analysis of the basic web site SEO optimization does not pass resulting in Baidu can not be includ

today SEO Institute to analyze a SEO optimization case, is a webmaster in SEO Institute consulting a website optimization problem. The URL is www. Jingguanzhuan. COM, the site has more than a month to build time, but so far, Baidu has not included the home page and any one page. What exactly caused the website not to be included in Baidu? SEO Institute is from the point of view of the search engine to analyze the reasons.

1, the site appears two home links, it is recommended to retain only a home page link. read more

nternet profit model study notes 1 flow realized

when I was a literary youth, I had a desire to find a quiet city or a quiet street in a busy city where I opened a coffee shop. I told my (especially often work overtime stay up late) friends over this idea, surprised to find that it seems everyone’s heart, have a similar "desire", but there are also some coffee shop, bookstore, tea shops, toy stores etc..

A common feature of

‘s desire is that no one has basically implemented it at the end, most of the time. Perhaps, at that time, as a young man of literature and art, we could only see the romantic aspect of the coffee shop, but did not know the hardships behind it. read more

As a webmaster how can you run a website

1. learn! Ask! Patience!


is doing a website, have a problem, be like home, often rice, same, encounter a problem how should do? The most direct is to ask the elder personage in the industry. You can also visit the webmaster forums, and perhaps you need answers.

2. willing to put in the cost!


for most webmaster, do station make money is the absolute principle. As the saying goes modaobuwukanchaigong, the website is making money the premise, it is a virtual host, or leased or managed server, choose a good IDC service provider, is the priority among priorities, so you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble later, I found many webmaster even a good point of the space are not willing to buy, such websites are not stable access, how big it can. read more

Case replay old users how to promote the transformation of community life

in the mobile Internet world, young people will have the world. But in the tide of entrepreneurship there will be some software natural attributes young people may not be of particular concern, but this does not hinder the success of APP do B round of financing, C round of financing and listing, excluding social entertainment super APP, health products users age will be too large! However, today, not talking about the specific user positioning of a product, I would like to talk about how 24 months in the 40 + years of middle-aged and old users from zero to do millions, and continued active in the community. read more

Know founder Zhou source how the network community from 0 to do 4 million

Zhou Yuan said that the core function of knowing is that if the user wants to discuss (question) and send it to the know, the whole community can somehow respond to the question. And to settle it down, this is a user scenario, and we’ve been moving around this user scene in advancing the product.

ten years ago, Zhou Yuan in Shanghai a Canadian foreign companies to write code, and most of the "code rural", although in the world’s most advanced areas of work, but the real change to the outside world is poorly understood. read more

How do novices choose the right space

novice friends do stand in to choose the space and domain name, domain name is another input in the browser address, the address can access your site, such as www.admin5.com, is popular in terms of space to place your website data place.

so, how do novices choose space,


buying space is like buying clothes. You should choose the right space according to your website.

is according to the site’s content (program) to select the type of space size and space, if the site does not have the big download files, video, pictures, text and only a few pictures, so do the space station in the process of learning about 150M is enough. If you want to install CMS, such as DEDE, then you have to choose PHP+MySql space, if you want to install easy to move, then you have to buy ASP space. If the site is just a few hand-made static pages, then buy a pure, static HTML space. read more

Don’t put the design of how to deal with bad blow into the electronic commerce website comments

in electronic commerce website, evaluation is the product and operation are headache, especially in the direct B2C company, this design, originally designed to guide the user to comment is difficult, and sometimes a bunch of attracting comments than praise; get the various departments of the brothers are uncomfortable. The boss’s face is relatively poor, and even affect the sales.

The general reason for

is that web sites often design reviews as a sales product rather than as a management product. read more

How easy and efficient production of pseudo original articles

in the webmaster circle, I think we all know that "this four word content is king" meaning, of course, have a good website to more content included quantity and obtain higher weights, but we are not occupation writers, not what every day to write the original article, so now we there is a false original article, today is like to share their creation of false original article some areas need to pay attention to these places, you can let the pseudo original work twice:

1. to mark the beginning and end of the article, there are two search engines that the more important place, so you can deal with pseudo original in these two places with you to optimize the key words and links, but note that the line must be smooth, but not the whole site optimization of the one or two a keyword, it is not good to do this, the first search engine will not love, may think you are suspected of excessive optimization, then your site is actually a lot of traffic can be caused by the long tail keywords, so you can do some of the key words in the two place. read more

A5 witnessed my resignation and went home to start a business

originally intended to write an article to commemorate the next, but these days are busy, and now make up, it is what to think, what to say, more chaotic, we all look at it.

06 years after graduation, outside did a lot of work, but not for a long time, then going home to engage in site, with nearly a year, the site was found a few, but not how, is not earn money.

and later introduced, came to a company, sleepwalk took two classes. Wages have gone, but two years down, but found that he did not save much money, 29 in the twinkling of an eye, and ran 30 of the people, the great event of life has not been resolved. Girlfriend is one, 4 years of understanding, all aspects are good. But the family condition is bad, he did not make money, there is no money to get married. read more