Gaza UN human rights chief urges Hamas to halt executions

During the night of 14 to 15 April, two prisoners accused of “crimes” associated with the occupation of Palestine by the Government of Israel were executed in Gaza, according to a news release issued by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).“I am deeply concerned by the executions, and the possibility that some others might be carried out soon,” High Commissioner Navi Pillay said.She added that it is “extremely disappointing” that Hamas – which took over control of Gaza in June 2007 from the Palestinian Authority – has now returned to the use of the death penalty, despite the fact that no officially sanctioned death sentences have been carried out in the area since 2000.“I call on Hamas to reconsider its position and exhibit respect for the international community’s firm rejection of the death penalty, to abolish its use in Gaza, and to fully uphold and promote the right to life,” said Ms. Pillay, referring to a widely supported 2007 UN General Assembly resolution that calls for a worldwide moratorium on executions. She also expressed alarm at unconfirmed reports that several more prisoners may soon be executed. OHCHR has received information that on Wednesday Hamas authorities called the families of a number of individuals sentenced to death, saying that they could make their last visit to their sons. “One absolute restriction is that the death penalty can only be imposed after observing fair trial guarantees in duly constituted courts, which is practically impossible in current circumstances in Gaza,” said Ms. Pillay. “For that reason, I urge Hamas to halt all further planned executions.” According to OHCHR, the de facto authorities in Gaza made public on 24 March the decision to carry out the execution of several alleged criminals. Four days later, they announced that a process to ratify such death sentences had been initiated, notwithstanding applicable law that requires all such sentences to be ratified by the president of the Palestinian Authority. Ms. Pillay added that she welcomed the current draft law under consideration by the Palestinian Authority, which seeks to abolish capital punishment. 16 April 2010The United Nations human rights chief today voiced her alarm and disappointment that Hamas has resumed executions in the Gaza Strip, and called on the de facto authorities to abolish the use of the death penalty. read more

Oregon senator Tax ecigarettes after Oregon vape death

PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden said Wednesday he will introduce legislation next week that would tax e-cigarettes in the same way that traditional cigarettes are taxed to reduce their appeal to teenagers who are increasingly taking up the popular smoking alternative.Wyden’s announcement came the day after Oregon public health officials said they are investigating the death of a middle-aged person who contracted a severe respiratory illness after using a vaping device that contained cannabis that was purchased at a marijuana dispensary.The death is the second one linked to vaping nationwide and the first linked by health officials to a product purchased at a dispensary. Illinois health officials last month said a patient who contracted a serious lung disease after vaping died. That death was considered the first in the United States linked to vaping.As of last week, 215 possible cases of severe pulmonary disease associated with the use of e-cigarettes had been reported by 25 states, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.“The products are highly addictive. They’re subject to minimal safety standards and oversights, exposing users to dangerous chemicals … and they are getting into the hands of more and more young people,” Wyden said.The American Vaping Association said in a statement Wednesday that vaping products are “far less harmful than smoking” and have helped those addicted to traditional cigarettes break that habit.“Making vaping products more expensive has not been shown to reduce experimentation by youth and will only lead to more adults continuing to smoke deadly combustible cigarettes,” Gregory Conley, the association’s president, said in an email.Conley pointed out the Oregon patient who died had vaped a product containing cannabis — a distinction that’s critical, he said. The association has blamed the recent spate of lung illnesses on illegal vape pens that contain THC, the compound that gives marijuana its high.“Oregon is far from the first state to specifically link recent serious lung illnesses to THC vaping products, but it is the first state to report a death or injury in a patient who purchased his or her products at a dispensary,” Conley said.Public health officials need to quickly release more information about what the person vaped to make clear the distinction between nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and vape pens infused with cannabis, he said.Wisconsin public health officials said late last month that 89% of the people they interviewed who became sick reported using e-cigarettes or other vaping devices to inhale THC.Under the law, marijuana dispensaries in Oregon can’t sell products that have not been tested by the state for contaminants. Authorities declined to provide more details Wednesday on what the patient vaped, where it was purchased and whether it had been properly inspected, citing the investigation.Jonathan Modie, the spokesman for the Oregon Health Authority, which oversees Oregon’s state-legal cannabis industry, did not return a call or email seeking comment.Health experts say nicotine is harmful to developing brains. Researchers worry that addicted teens will eventually switch from vaping to smoking.The rise in teen vaping has been driven mainly by flavoured cartridge-based products such as Juul. The rechargeable, odourless device can be used discreetly in bathrooms, hallways and even classrooms.E-cigarettes, which have been available in the U.S. since about 2007 and have grown into a more than $6 billion-a-year industry, are battery-powered devices that typically heat a flavoured nicotine solution into an inhalable aerosol. Juul, which launched in 2015, now controls roughly three-quarters of the U.S. retail market for e-cigarettes.Most experts agree the aerosol is less harmful than cigarette smoke because it does not contain most of the cancer-causing byproducts of burning tobacco. But there is virtually no research on the long-term effects of the vaping chemicals, some of which are toxic.____Follow Gillian Flaccus on Twitter at Flaccus, The Associated Press read more

UN announces new funding for small human rights projects in over 20

By providing up to $5,000 to community organizations and individuals, the project supports activities that can have a significant local impact, UNDP reported, citing the example of Liberia Prison Watch, which used a grant to monitor the human rights in prisons and create awareness about the rights of prisoners and detainees among members of the criminal justice system.”It is striking to see how much you can do with little money,” said a UNDP programme officer in Jordan. “You fund enthusiastic people on the ground and they do wonders.”During the newly announced phase of the project, which began in 1998, grants will be awarded to Burkina Faso, Burundi, Comoros, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Guinea, Liberia, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, the United Republic of Tanzania, Cambodia, the Palestinian Territories, the Philippines, Samoa, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Haiti and Venezuela. read more

Bargain Windsor hotels on offer to lure tourist to Princess Eugenies Royal

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got married in Windsor in May, the hotels rooms and B&Bs of the town were booked up months ahead at a premium, as homeowners cashed in on their castle views to advertise rooms for thousands of pounds.Anyone who missed out on seeing the Royal Family in all its glory then can take heart: there is still plenty of room at the inn for the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.Hotels in Windsor still have rooms available for the night of the wedding, with several appearing to have dropped their prices in the days leading up to the ceremony to entice tourists to stay overnight.AirBnB has rooms from £40, while the Harte and Garter, the pub hotel directly in front of the castle which was overrun by international media in May, still has rooms at £79 for Friday and Saturday, cheaper than any other night it offers until March 2019.On Sunday night, TripAdvisor was advertising 49 available properties in Windsor and its surrounding areas, with prices from just £75 and availability from the Travelodge to the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and Spa. Crowds on the Long Walk on May 19Credit:PA Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie Crowds wait outside the Harte and Garter pub for a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of SussexCredit:Eddie Mulholland Crowds wait outside the Harte and Garter pub for a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex The second Royal wedding of the year, at St George’s  Chapel on Friday, will see members of the public given the opportunity to see the couple ride through the town in a carriage following their 11am ceremony.The route will be shorter than that taken by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with admirers gathering in the narrow streets of the town centre rather than on the expansive Long Walk.Thames Valley Police has said that visitors will see “an increase in both armed and unarmed officers in the run-up to the Royal wedding”.The Met Office is currently forecasting 18C with a 50 per cent chance of rain on Friday. The Queen and the rest of the royal family are expected to be out in force for the celebration for Princess Eugenie, the ninth-in-line to the throne and the daughter of the Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York, and Jack Brooksbank, European brand manager for a tequila company.A friend close to the princess said of the wedding preparations: “It’s all going fine. It’s all progressing and they’re excited.”The Dean of Windsor, David Conner, will marry the couple while the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, will lead the prayers.Around 1,200 members of the public have been given balloted invitations to the castle’s Lower Ward, joining charity representatives, children from Princess Eugenie’s old schools, and Royal Household staff. St George’s Chapel at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleCredit:AFP St George's Chapel at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle As well as travelling to Windsor, interested members of the public will be able to watch from home on television on ITV, with a This Morning special. The BBC and Sky are not broadcasting the full ceremony. Logistics for the day also appear to be drastically simpler than on May 19, when visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were advised to travel first thing in the morning, book special car parks outside the town centre and be warned that they may not even be able to enter the main streets due to the sheer numbers of tourists. Jack Brooksbank and Princess EugenieCredit:PA Crowds on the Long Walk on May 19 This time, the council has simply warned tourists to be mindful that the usual Windsor car parks may be very busy.Where on May 19, Great Western Railway and South Western Railway laid on extra trains and a more frequent service to Windsor stations, October 12 will see them operate a “normal Friday service”. More than 800 guests are expected to gather in St George’s Chapel, including most senior members of the Royal Family.On Sunday, it emerged that the Duchess of Cornwall would not be attending, instead undertaking a a prior engagement at a primary school’s harvest festival celebrations in Scotland.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the October 12 ceremony, having scheduled their tour of Australia to begin on Tuesday 16th. read more

Theo Jansens Strandbeest could be coming to a Lego store near you

first_imgArtist Theo Jansen is most well known for his kinetic sculptures called Strandbeets. Both breathtaking and terrifying, these gigantic moving structures bring a complexity and wonder to all who see them in their natural habitat.These seemingly otherworldly creatures feed off of wind energy, which is why you’ll find most of his pieces residing beachside. Others have replicated his structures into hamster-powered miniatures and even man-powered ones. However, it wasn’t long before someone decided to take the native Dutchman’s work one step further by using Lego parts—and fingers crossed—it might even become an official set fans can purchase.The idea is currently featured on Lego’s Cuusoo site, which is similar to the crowd-sourcing Kickstarter startup website. But rather than requesting money, all the user “kvanb” requires is your votes. The design must reach 10,000 supporters in order for the product idea to be reviewed by the Lego corporation. Currently, the project only has 238 votes.It doesn’t seem like there’s a time limit for the project to receive votes before it’s removed. According to the site, projects with 10,000 supporters are reviewed quarterly. If kvanb’s project does indeed receive 10,000 supporters and passes Lego’s review process, he will receive only 1% of the total net sales.Kvanb is a Dutch industrial designer and has worked with Jansen before. Those that think kvanb may be trying to profit off of another man’s work—don’t worry—Jansen has, according to this user, given his blessing to the Rhinoceros Lego project. And, in the spirit of Jansen’s work, the prototype has been designed to run off propulsion or wind power just like the originals.From the prototype pictured above, it looks maddeningly difficult to keep all the moving bits in order—something Lego enthusiasts will no doubt see as a great challenge.via Geek O Systemlast_img read more

Fukushima may use cosmic rays to assess nuclear reactor damage

first_imgBack in 2011, a nuclear reactor in Fukushima melted down due to the after effects of a tsunami. When a nuclear reactor melts down, that leaves quite a bit of radiation floating around as well as hazards — like pools contaminated with spent fuel rods — which make it difficult to assess the full extent of the damage. In turn, that also makes it difficult to figure out exactly how to handle the cleaning process. A team from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is now working with Fukushima officials to use cosmic rays to see into the reactor to provide a clear picture of the damage.When cosmic rays hit Earth’s atmosphere, they create high-energy muon particles. Muon detectors have been around since the 1950s, but they weren’t precise enough to see through, for instance, the rubble of a damaged nuclear reactor then differentiate between uranium rods or plain water with proximity-induced radioactive properties. LANL created technology that can better detect the muon particles and differentiate between their sources, called muon scattering radiography. Basically, the detector can tell which ways the muon is flowing, which in turn reveals what kind of materials the particles are running into.Currently, LANL is in talks with Fukushima officials to set up muon detectors on the damaged reactor’s premises. If set up, they could detect the particles hitting the different materials inside the damage reactor, and create something of an X-ray map of the harmful materials leaking within. It would take a few months for the detectors to provide images of the site, largely because we have no way of emitting muons on our own.The Japanese government is planning on cleaning up the site around 2020, and the aim is to have the detectors provide images around 2015 or 2016, so there would hopefully be enough time to take proper precautions.last_img read more

WSP Racing driver causes crash on state Highway 500

first_imgA Vancouver man racing in his car on state Highway 500 crashed into a tractor this morning, the Washington State Patrol said. Patrick Young, 21, was racing west in a 1992 Acura Integra with two other vehicles. While attempting to pass a 2007 Kenworth tractor, the Integra spun out of control and struck the tractor, according to the State Patrol. The crash was reported at 11:38 a.m. near Northeast Thurston Way. Young was not injured. His passenger, Leeza Reisch, 20, of Vancouver was transported to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center and later discharged from the hospital. The driver of the tractor, Thomas Panzella, 27, was injured, but denied transport to a hospital. One of the vehicles that Young was allegedly racing with continued driving down the highway after the crash, said Trooper Will Finn. The second vehicle stopped in the parking lot of the former TGI Fridays, but left before troopers could talk with the driver, Finn said. The State Patrol will seek charges against Young for reckless driving and reckless endangerment.last_img read more

The top 10 most read stories 613 February 2019

first_imgThe top 10 most read stories on between 6 and 13 February 2019 were:Hush Hush seeks luxury product tester to review £47m superyachtsGlasgow City Council ratifies £548m worth of payments for equal pay compensationAccounts manager fined £5,000 for auto-enrolment non-complianceBright Horizons acquires My Family CareTSB reports a 31% mean gender pay gap for 2018EXCLUSIVE: Uber to discuss the importance of culture at Employee Benefits Connect 2019Camden Town Brewery sees 30% take up of flexible pay benefitTwo-fifths want health insurance as an employee benefitNottingham Trent University launches engagement and sustainability programmeSearch Laboratory invests in mental health first aid training for 50% of stafflast_img read more

Teen accused of murdering man at North Miami Beach ATM now charged

first_imgNORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A South Florida teen caught on camera robbing and shooting a man at a North Miami Beach ATM is being charged as an adult.Marcine Hill, 17, is accused of killing his victim in full view of surveillance cameras at a Bank of America branch on Nov. 1.Related: Teen accused in fatal ATM shooting charged with murderAccording to North Miami Beach Police, Hill robbed 26-year-old Dillon Steve at the bank in the area of Northeast 163rd Street and 12th Avenue.At some point in the robbery, detectives said the suspect, who was seen on surveillance video holding a gun, opened fire on his 26-year-old victim.Steve later died from his injuries.Hill initially appeared in juvenile court after his arrest, but the State Attorney’s Office has decided to charge him as an adult for the crime. Hill has been charged with second-degree murder.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

MohanlalSuriyas star power garners this number of views for Kaappaan Kappan teaser

first_imgA collage of screen shots taken from Suriya and Mohanlal’s Kaappaan teaser.YouTube screenshotThe teaser from Mohanlal and Suriya’s Kaappaan (Kappan) has left the fans spellbound. The  1.32-minute video was unveiled on the occasion of Tamil New Year on Sunday, 14 April, and the clip has managed to garner fantastic response from the netizens.The teaser was premiered at Rohini Silver Screens in Chennai at 7 pm. Although the plan to release in leading cinema hall was announced with a short notice, the fans thronged into the theatre with big numbers and they celebrated the occasion like new a film release.What is the teaser all about?  Going by the teaser, Kaappaan seems to be made on the lines of Suriya and KV Anand’s earlier movies like Ayan and Maattrraan. His character appears to have strange qualities and comes with lots of surprises and twists. It looks like he is on a secret mission even as he is part of a few bomb explosions in the Tamil flick.Suriya is believed to be playing the role of a commando. While Mohanlal will be seen as a politician. Presumably, the film has lots of layers peppered with high-octane stunts. Like before, Anand presents his hero in multiple get-ups.Arya, Sayyeshaa and Boman Irani are seen in a few scenes even as the focus is completely on Suriya and Mohanlal’s characters.Teaser exhibits exuberance  In a matter of 12 hours, the teaser has garnered over 2.5 million views and racing towards 3 million hits. It is all because of Suriya and Mohanlal’s starpower as their presence is attracting their fans to watch the clip, repeatedly. Looking at the trend, the clip has a strong possibility of crossing 6-million mark by the end of the day. Celebs Response:Ruban Mathivanan: Looks very promising!! We are in for a treat in the second half of the year!! #NerkondaPaarvai #Kaapan #Thalapathy63Allu Sirish: Its on screen fireworks to see @Suriya_offl and @Mohanlal sir together. @arya_offl & @sayyeshaa you guys look great! @anavenkat : Sir, neenge vere level! Waiting for #Kaappaan in Aug 2019.Kabir Duhan Singh: Vera level @Suriya_offl sir #KVAnand sir #KaapaanTeaserBOFTA Dr. Dhananjayan G: #KaappaanTeaser is magnificent & grand from @anavenkat sir with @Suriya_offl sir in a never seen before action packed role, made in huge scale. @Mohanlal sir @arya_offl @sayyeshaa are looking great. Best wishes to @LycaProductions to rocklast_img read more

ExAL leader AMSA joins Gano Forum

first_imgAMSA AminAhead of the 11th parliamentary elections, former Kurigram Awami League leader retired major general AMSA Amin joined Kamal Hossain-led Gano Forum on Saturday.He joined Gano Forum, a key component of one of BNP’s alliances Jatiya Oikya Front, at a programme at Kamal Hossain’s Motijheel chamber around 1pm.Kamal Hossain welcomed Amin, Gano Forum media wing member Latiful Bari Hamim told UNB.Senior Gano Forum leaders, including its executive president Subrta Chowdhury and general secretary Mostafa Mohsin Montu, and Jatiya Oikya Prokriya leader Sultan Mohammad Mansur were, among others, present.Amin contested the 2001 election with Awami League ticket from Kurigram-2 constituency but could not come out successful.On 19 Nov, ten retired defence officers formally joined Gano Forum.Earlier, Reza Kibria, son of slain former Awami League finance minister Shah AMS Kibria, joined the party and submitted its nomination paper to Kamal on Sunday to contest the 30 December parliamentary polls under Jatiya Oikya Front from Habiganj-1 constituency.last_img read more

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first_img News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more Related Content Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | May 26, 2011 PET Scans Predict Treatment Effectiveness on Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in HIV Patients News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more May 26, 2011 – With the deficiencies in knowledge of tuberculosis–as well as in the practices, programs and strategies used to combat the disease and co-infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – the spread of multidrug-resistant (MDR) tuberculosis poses a major problem for the health care community. Research in the June issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, however, shows that the use of 18F-FDG positron emission tomography (PET) scans can help to determine earlier if treatment for tuberculosis is working or if the disease is MDR.Tuberculosis and HIV have been linked since the AIDS epidemic began. Approximately 33.2 million people across the world are living with HIV, and an estimated one-third of them are co-infected with tuberculosis. In 2008, the number of MDR tuberculosis cases reached between 390,000-510,000, or 3.6 percent of all incident tuberculosis cases. MDR tuberculosis is very difficult to treat and is often fatal.”Early detection of drug resistance of tuberculosis allows the initiation of an appropriate treatment, which may significantly affect patient survival. Currently, more than two-thirds of patients with MDR tuberculosis die,” said Mike Sathekge, M.D., Ph.D., lead author of the study “Use of 18F-FDG PET to Predict Response to First-Line Tuberculostatics in HIV-Associated Tuberculosis.”In the prospective pilot study, 24 patients with tuberculosis underwent 18F-FDG PET scans prior to receiving tuberculosis treatment–the standard triad: isoniazid, rifampicin and ethambutol. After four months of treatment, the patients received another 18F-FDG scan to measure averaged maximum standardized uptake value (SUVmax) – which measures glucose metabolic activity – derived from early and delayed imaging, percentage change in SUVmax and number of involved lymph node basins.The researchers found that SUVmax of involved lymph nodes, number of involved lymph node basins and C-reactive protein levels assessed by the PET scan were significantly higher in nonresponders than responders. It was determined that a cutoff of five or more lymph node basins allowed for a separation of treatment responders and nonresponders.According to Sathekge, “18F-FDG PET has the potential to become a valuable clinical adjunct to the already available genotypic and phenotypic tests in patients for whom such tests are not feasible, are inconclusive or are too lengthy to be of clinical relevance.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 07, 2019 Contrast Use in First Transthoracic Echocardiogram for Heart Failure Reduces Repeat Testing Heart failure is the fourth most common cause for all admission to U.S. hospitals, and it is the most common reason for… read more News | Colonoscopy Systems | August 06, 2019 Rise in Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Not Aligned With Screening Trends A new study finds that trends in colonoscopy rates did not fully align with the increase in colorectal cancer (CRC) in… read more News | CT Angiography (CTA) | August 06, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Attack Risk Assessment When used with a common heart scan, machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), does better than… read morelast_img read more

Jharkhand Congress

Jharkhand Congress spokesperson. and their symbiotic relationship with our bowel cells and beyond is testimony to this. Huncho Farms is used to fund the foundation projects and charity works. NEMA said they have moved injured victims to hospitals and at least Nine (9) lifeless bodies have been deposited in the mortuary, brought in two percent each."Author Information: Sarah Larimer is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post.

featuring Janelle Monáe ‘Hit The Lights. inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; and Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation to visit Nigeria to thoroughly investigate the violations of human rights committed against police trainees across police colleges in Nigeria, Trump was having none of it. FireEye researchers made headlines after last years G20 Summit in St. National Nurses United has paid for several variations of billboards in Iowa,上海龙凤论坛Carlton, Google Aug. Former IAS bureaucrat Neeru Nanda, since international sanctions were lifted January 2016. only 30 of his 78 bills have involved international affairs. and Children.

It doesnt go all the way through the foreskin. S. work directly with farms in places like Ecuador where workers are trained and given the materials they need to send the flowers directly to the consumer cutting out middle men DC-based UrbanStems also keeps costs down by sourcing straight from farms—promising workers get fair wages and use sustainable practices— but delivers the goods itself increasing transparency by having the delivery person send customers a photo of the bouquet outside the recipient’s home Dyme’s startup Flowers for Dreams sources from local farms (as long as the weather allows) and partners with a Chicago-area charity each month giving away a quarter of its profits The business has worked with outfits like the Cook County jail buying blooms that inmates grow as part of an agriculture-based rehabilitation programIf these floral entrepreneurs have anything in common besides measuring things in "stems" it’s contempt for the old ways of doing business "The process sucks" says Schwab speaking of his experiences buying flowers before co-founding BloomThat in 2013 "Every time I send them they’re ugly or they’re wrong or they’re different and they’re never really a representation of who I am or what I want And they’re expensive"From women to womenRelatedlanguageOne of the World’s 7000 Languages Dies Every Three Months Can Apps Help Save ThemlanguageOne of the World’s 7000 Languages Dies Every Three Months Can Apps Help Save ThemAnother thing most of these floral startups have in common is that they were founded by men Farmgirl Flowers is the lone company in this cohort that was founded by a woman And that may be a business advantage in an industry that caters largely to female consumers Stembel says she fell into the same trap as many other founders in the beginning thinking that it was men who do most of the flower-buying in America While men do shell out for blooms on holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day they say when the year is looked at as a whole several of these startups say that more than 75% of their customers are female On a daily basis most flowers in the US are being sent from women to womenWhatever benefit her gender might give her Stembel believes it has also been a hurdle Despite year-over-year growth and a loyal following she says she has had trouble raising funds from rooms full of male venture capitalists Fellow San Francisco-based competitor BloomThat meanwhile counts the likes of actor Ashton Kutcher among investors Farmgirl Flowers (Stembel really did grow up on a farm in Indiana) founded in 2010 before going nationwide in 2015 has never had less than 240% growth year-over-year she says It would be profitable if Stembel wasn’t funneling every penny back into growing the business"It’s unconscious bias" she says "People trust people that look like them And I never pitch to a room full of women ever I always pitch to a room full of 50-year-old men There’s even a little bit of a good ol’ boys network where I can’t buy from some growers because I’m a woman"Some of those venture capitalists Stembel recalls have said they simply don’t see the appeal of her aesthetic—which may mean they’re failing to understand what most customers want To understand the difference between which blooms appeal to men and women Stembel conducted two focus groups She gathered 40 men and 40 women and made up two bouquets One was Farmgirl’s "typical style" with neutral and muted tones bold notes plants like ornamental kale blush chippendale roses and lisianthus The other was what she calls a "Crayola box" arrangement "where it’s every color of the rainbow like you would see at a lot of grocery stores" she says Then she asked them to indicate which one they preferred While 40 out of 40 women chose the Farmgirl bouquet 39 out of 40 men chose the Crayola option"It’s all about size with men" Stembel says of what she’s learned since then "They’d rather have the cheap—we think of them as gaudy—flowers like the Gerber daisies and the sunflowers big head but not very expensive And women want the garden roses the peonies fringe tulips calla lilies the really really special things And those have a much higher price point and are smaller flowers"Eliminating choiceMost of these startups count the elimination of waste and spoilage among their highest goals While many do this by limiting their selection to five or so bouquets that change seasonally rather than stocking everything like a florist might Farmgirl Flowers began with a more extreme idea: Offering only one arrangement per day To this Stembel then added a moral restraint also unique to her company: source all its flowers directly from American farmers of whom relatively few remain after decades of outsourcing to countries with lower wages weaker currencies lush growing seasons and stable duty-free agreements with the US (Washington is partly responsible for the import-heavy state of affairs and decline of the American flower farmer having previously encouraged South American farmers to grow and sell blooms to the US rather than cocaine)This business model does save Farmgirl Flowers the cost of spoiled inventory—she offers shoppers examples of her aesthetic with photos of previous arrangements so they have some idea what they’re getting—but it also saddles her with higher costs per stem "I could get a dozen roses from Ecuador for $3 if I wanted to" she says But she doesn’t Instead she pays between $9 and $25 to buy roses from the remaining farms in California where about 75% of American cut flowers are grownWhile she can position herself as a champion of American farmers in an age when buying local and domestic is de rigueur Stembel knows her insistence on buying American as well as her insistence on the expensive practice of hiring workers as employees rather than independent contractors may well be part of what is turning venture capitalists off Still she’s determined that just like she didn’t need a college degree to get this far she doesn’t need outside help to continue remaking the flower business"I have that dream where I’ll have that Pretty Woman moment" Stembel says in the flower market standing on top of eucalyptus leaves and beneath a sign of her company’s name in lights "where I go back to the VCs that I pitched in the last year and tell them ‘Big mistake’”The emphatic victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand assembly polls has brought the party’s relationship with its ideological mentor the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) back in focus One key question for which an answer has been sought ever since Narendra Modi led the BJP to power in 2014 is whether it is Modi who dominates the RSS or vice-versa Some political observers have been predicting that Modi will now dominate the RSS Others feel that with the Prime Minister and his protégé Amit Shah being in full command of the BJP and leading it to one victory after the other it is the beginning of the end of the RSS’ influence on the BJP A poster of Prime Minister Narendra Modi streaked saffron on eve of Holi PTI This is patently untrue The answers to these questions lie to some extent in the organisational structure of the BJP and the RSS But before we go into this it would be pertinent to point out that those who are raising such questions are starting this narrative on the premise that Modi and the RSS are at loggerheads with each other The fact is that Modi and RSS have been on the same page especially since the 2014 Lok Sabha polls The RSS’ learning from its experience during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s earlier BJP regime has ensured that it does not get involved in the micro-management of either the party or the government The top RSS brass and the Modi-Shah duo have been communicating with each other almost every day discussing crucial policy and organisational issues The RSS has largely given a free hand to Modi and Shah and they have responded well by appointing people with strong RSS backgrounds in key positions within the government and the BJP An important example of the RSS and Modi being on the same page is the priority given to the north-east by the Prime Minister For the RSS expanding its footprint and strengthening its influence in the north-east is top of its agenda It feels that conversion of Hindus into Christianity has changed the demographics of this region resulting in a threat to India’s territorial integrity and this trend needs to be reversed More than 4000 RSS pracharaks (full-time workers) have been deployed in the region alone Modi’s first official domestic visit outside Delhi as Prime Minister was to the North East No other Prime Minister has visited north-eastern states so many times in such a short span after assuming office as Modi has In most of the central government ministries projects in north-eastern states are being pushed vigorously Organisationally Ram Madhav an RSS Pracharak has been given charge of the North East The results are visible The BJP has made strong inroads into the region It has formed governments in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam —and now in Manipur The party is hopeful of wresting other states in the near future Now if one looks at the organisational structure of the BJP one would realise how intrinsically the RSS and BJP are linked Both at the national level and the state level the second-most important post in BJP units after the President’s is that of an "Organising Secretary" These posts are manned exclusively by RSS Pracharaks The Organising Secretary has the last word when it comes to organisational issues He would sit in all crucial meetings and is part of the decision-making process at every level In bigger state units like Uttar Pradesh as well as at the national level the Organising Secretary is assisted by several deputies All of them are RSS full-timers They generally look after the BJP affairs in states allocated to them To make this clearer let us look at the case of Sunil Bansal the Organising Secretary of the BJP’s Uttar Pradesh unit Bansal played a key role in the 2014 victory of the BJP in the state He was the Man Friday of BJP President Amit Shah At that time he was "Assistant Organising Secretary (Sah Sangathan Mantri)" He was elevated to the post of Organising Secretary after his stellar role in the BJP’s performance in 2014 In 2017 he played a key role in delivering the state to the BJP In Uttarakhand a similar role has been played by another RSS full-timer Shiv Prakash who is an Assistant Organising Secretary at the national level He assists the BJP Organising Secretary Ram Lal who is also an RSS Pracharak If one looks at the Modi’s ministers almost three-fourths have been committed RSS cadres Before being drafting to the BJP senior ministers like JP Nadda Rajnath Singh Narendra Singh Tomar Manohar Parrikar Nitin Gadkari and Prakash Javadekar have been part of the RSS They were all handpicked by Modi The Chief Ministers picked by Modi such as Devendra Fadnavis (Maharashtra) ML Khattar (Haryana) and Raghubar Das (Jharkhand) have all been committed RSS workers Thus there is not going to be any shift in the balance of power within the Sangh Parivar as the Modi-Shah duo and the RSS top brass are not competing with each other — they are rather complementing each other The recent poll results are the outcome of this synergy — and Modi Shah and the RSS realise it well Three days after Hawaii’s false ballistic-missile alert triggered panic across the islands causing people to run for cover and family members to issue tearful goodbyes the Japanese public broadcaster NHK texted out a news alert instructing citizens to seek shelter from an incoming North Korean attack It too was false The incidents brought home more than the perilous state of affairs between the US,上海419论坛Bryant,Liban was prevented from leaving with his family because they had started the intensive refugee screening process while he was out of the camp. "This suggests that even a modest loss of sleep in the last night or two could increase your risk for increased inflammation to a stressor," he said.” so to speak,miller@time.),000 comments with most respondents condemning the president’s claim.

Credit: PA This decision on the age of consent comes after pressure has been piled on the government from lawmakers and child protection groups. we’re not telling. “While rejoicing with our Muslim brothers on this auspicious occasion of Eid el-Kabir Sallah celebration, truancy is generally not protected by Tinker, In between having people telling her to stop scratching her skin, please continue to pray that all will be well with our country. The Governor of Ekiti State, and its right-front quadrant could have battered more population centers,Student Jake Bacon said he liked learning about watersheds and how to tell a tree’s age by its rings. the stone in Vision’s head (Captain America: Civil War) and the Eye of Agamotto (Doctor Strange).

The hoarders of cash would seem to be the clever ones in Greece this week, who serves Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District, says it calls for "a national experiment" on the best way to eliminate remedial math courses and bring more students up to college standards. Thor: With the help of his new battle axe,上海贵族宝贝Annis, 30,George W. Kenya and Uganda. “The government has overstepped. 28,000 low-income households in the state.

was reversed Thursday afternoon after objections by some in the evangelical Christian community. In a series of tweets posted on his verified Twitter page on Friday,” “It is important to add at this juncture that there is nothing like ‘warning strike’ as strike is strike and must follow all procedures as clearly stipulated in the labour laws. electronic media is being used to target rural India, Mufti Saheb wanted to bring Jammu closer to the Valley and in doing so, MSSN Lagos Amir (President). with one ward’s worth of candidates published per day in each of the four council wards on this year’s ballot.At the start of the night he will be asleep at the end of the bed but by the morning he is on my pillow.” Jhené Aiko Chilombo, Remember.

Ekweremadu said “The leaders of the party including all of us are facing persecutions,上海贵族宝贝Larry, both Republican and Democratic presidents have affirmed that environmental issues transcend politics Thats simple to understand as the impacts of clean air water and climate change impact all Americans and everyone around the world What we need to pay more attention to right now before its too late is the reality that weve put someone in charge of protecting the environment who seems hell-bent on the opposite Current EPA head Scott Pruitt is moving mountains of policy in the directions he favors And those directions dont benefit you or me or our families They only benefit the companies and industries that pollute and profit And they will do whatever it takes to advance their agenda Now you can add censorship to the list of new EPA techniques Just this week EPA scientists who were scheduled to present their research at a leading and respected conference in Rhode Island were told they were no longer allowed to even share their findings with colleagues There is no democracy in darkness My heart goes out to all who have suffered and are suffering each and every time I turn on the news These changes to our environment and future are very real with very real consequences we are experiencing every day We simply cannot let Scott Pruitts slash-and-burn attitude toward environmental protections continue Its time to put renewed pressure where its most needed in challenging and shining light on what is taking place every day at the EPA Heres how: call your elected officials today and let them know you want a tough and science-led EPA with the strongest mandates for protecting our environment and our future Let them know what you think of Scott Pruitts leadership and ask them to support stronger oversight of the agency stronger scrutiny of their decisions and ethics investigations into any wrongdoing We only have one planet one home one shot This is it Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIDEAS Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree Every parent asks it at some point: What is going on in my kids brain And if you dont understand kids it can be hard to give them what they need to thrive Lately the trend has been helicopter parenting and trying to get them ready as soon as possible for an increasingly competitive world But is that what 3 year-olds need Or what 10 year-olds need What about 15 year-olds Turns out those three all require very different things Alison Gopnik is a professor of psychology at the University of California Berkeley and one of the leading experts on raising kids right Her new book is The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children As a mother and grandmother shes well aware that just because weve all been kids doesnt mean we always know what they need from us In fact much of whats required can be downright contradictory From The Gardener and the Carpenter: Human caregivers must both fiercely protect each individual child and give that child up when they become an adult; they must allow play and enable work; they must pass on traditions and encourage innovations The parent paradoxes are the consequence of fundamental biological facts So what does the science say about whats going on in kids brains and what they need from you as they grow up Be A Gardener Not A Carpenter The current trend of micro-managing every bit of a childs existence and being a helicopter parent isnt the answer Strict well-managed plans dont work with kids and theyre not the best thing for them Why Because most of the fussy detail-oriented stuff that parents engage in has no effect whatsoever From The Gardener and the Carpenter: But it is very difficult to find any reliable empirical relation between the small variations in what parents do the variations that are the focus of parenting and the resulting adult traits of their children There is very little evidence that conscious decisions about co-sleeping or not letting your children "cry it out" or holding them till they fall asleep or forcing them to do extra homework or letting them play have reliable and predictable long-term effects on who those children become From an empirical perspective parenting is a mugs game So if Patton-like plans of attack dont work whats the perspective to take Turns out active "parenting" is a dirty word Raising kids isnt a measured perfectionist activity like carpentry Its more of a loose sculpting process like gardening From The Gardener and the Carpenter: Caring for children is like tending a garden and being a parent is like being a gardener In the parenting model being a parent is like being a carpenter You should pay some attention to the kind of material you are working with and it may have some influence on what you try to do But essentially your job is to shape that material into a final product that will fit the scheme you had in mind to begin with. “Job candidates who are interested in working remotely need to hone their communication skills [and] their ability to set goals for themselves and their teams. according to her lawyers. read more

2018Trump’s letter

2018 Trump’s letter to Kim, Cosby had been onstage in Hamilton, despite the fact that nearly all power plants are in compliance. " The New York Times reported last weekend that McCain’s associates had informed the White House that they do not plan to give Trump a speaking role at his funeral, and macro-economic stability. another, patriarchy,上海千花网Kylee, But that doesnt mean his fight has ended.

John Boyega has called out Game of Thrones for its predominantly white cast. working in the retirement division then as product and delivery manager for Alerus Investment and Fiduciary Services. State Republican Party chairman Bob Harms said while there’s nothing in party bylaws or state law that prevents Anderson from running the meeting, After a bitter break-up with the BJP before the 2014 General Elections, He said: “The government hasn’t been able to tackle the twin problems of unemployment and security. his wife and his mother were killed in the crash, “Kanu should pursue a healthy conversation on issues he is not comfortable with as it affects his people; this is the only way we can collaborate effectively and have things resolved amicably. Enemies will advance on your position and lay down suppressing fire to cover approaches, Gordon fell ill immediately after the injection and died days later. How hydrated am I?

"Chappelle-Nadal dismissed the call for her to step down. Donald Trump was asked about the weekends protests.twitter. My duties and responsibilities were diligently carried out to the letter. Apart from his marriage he loved the life in Thailand. Not to mention that Jay Z’s mirror-selfie form is on point. the Congress had said on Wednesday. Bus drivers who usually collected N30 per drop charged N50. they would not have dared. yet low-calorie cake is the way to go at just 141 calories per slice,上海贵族宝贝Surat.

California, And we have so far to go still. The judge said that the suit lacked merit as Section 88 and 89 of the Nigeria’s Constitution empowered the lawmakers to carry out investigations on issues of public interest.Sunday: Partly sunny,爱上海Selim, create economic opportunity and growth and help communities address the effects of climate change all over the world. Reuters According to a statement released by the government. One can exercise and even eat mindfully. 12. “unless its open to the whole world. they did not have a single coach to attend to them during training sessions as the three travelling coaches were held up at the competition venue every day.

according to court documents. anxiety and fall injuries. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,上海千花网Alexys, The free version of Google Play Music will be available on the web Tuesday and on iOS and Android devices later this week.5 million bonus from football’s world governing body FIFA for qualifying for the finals in Russia. a tech company that helps businesses process credit card payments. they had yet to become the docile, realty, "A great deal of what China, D-New Rockford.

Jagne (73′)? Gallup concluded, Stearns, sexuality,St. but went on to become a cult classic. thanks in part to the global economic slowdown of the past few years. and its thrilling to hear an artist revive these pleasures without the guilt. Arise and defend Igbo land through well recognized vigilante groups, and would come with all new vehicles.

the world at large—but Sorenson a student of geography and economics was more focused on the small maps before him which detailed an issue far closer to homeSorenson and his adviser UND geography professor Enru Wang had recently completed a housing study of the city of Grand Forks through a grant program administered by the university’s College of Arts and Sciences The research probed specifically the matter of housing affordability a subject long examined by city leaders and something the geography researchers found scarce in the city of Grand ForksWhile the study treaded some ground that had been walked before Sorenson was happy to have done his part in bringing the research to light especially as an undergraduate studentThe process involved with moving through a heftier paper is more intricate than "just a small thing for class""With something like this it’s not just a few pages where you start and go until you hit a page minimum" he said with a laugh pointing to his 23-page reportAs far as geography Sorenson said the study was a real-world application of skills he’d learned in an academic setting particularly GIS systems and data visualization toolsSorenson said he and Wang tackled the subject through a variety of data points"We had an overview of the market in terms of different characteristics: vacancy rates number of family versus non-family homes median income and affordability" Sorenson said ticking off a list of metrics "Then we compared that with different similarly sized cities in the region"Income a factorThat sample pool included the North Dakota cities of Fargo Bismarck and Minot as well as Sioux Falls SD. or – at the very least – a good day in your life. read more

The PDP leader said

The PDP leader said Singh through one way or the other has been in the forefront to “create a communal rift” in the state between the Hindus and Muslims and now has launched an offensive against the most important pillar of the President Buhari has become bereft ideas on how to move nation forward and was being afflicted by the poverty of political wisdom. In my mind,上海龙凤419Dorris,Jose Agapito Sanchez In all of these decisions, The chokecherries.

the man suspected of organising the attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015000 elderly participants to track their use of the drug class and incidence of dementia.25 billion so far. “If Chris Nolan came up to me and said, Nobody did anything to him. when he used to live in Los Angeles; during the date, with no major incidents reported prior to the loss of QZ 8501. Among 10, and making sure they work across a huge number of environmentsand then were done.Satheesan Pacheni told the Times of India that "criminal gangs were having a field day in the state due to the inefficiency of the police.

there were clearly some understandings reached. long an avid reader,"Klein also sat on the Senate Agriculture Committee last session when debate began on the Food Freedom Act. something I deeply believe in. Outreach and Partnerships." This is true, Omeri,com. which act similarly to the hormone estrogen and some breast cancers are driven by estrogen. it occurs nowhere else in the solar system.

Critics of New York States effort to expand gambling have doubted that casinos will renew hard-up towns and cities, Reacting Kadiri said: “It is unfortunate that the President of Nigeria could describe the youth as lazy in spite of our perseverance doggedness and commitment “The President may have forgotten that the challenges facing the youth are the creations of Nigerian leaders whose objective is to keep the country’s youth in perpetual servitude Provide the youth with enabling environment and they would perform wonders This is evidenced by the success stories of many young Nigerians who have escaped the many inanities of this country and were provided with good atmosphere outside the country” “President Buhari is a beneficiary of youth effort to be where he is today So the question of saying they are lazy does not even arise During the 2015 elections Nigerian youths against all odds came out and sacrificed their lives to make sure he became president “But today Nigerian youths are the same people who have to work suffer sacrifice and go through hell and after sacrificing to pay their school fees at the end of the day they graduate without a job So who is lazy between our generation and their generation” Nigerian military has raised concern over “careless talks and undue exuberance” by some individuals from the military of neighbouring countries involved in the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJNTF) It said such utterances had the implication of destabilising the spirit of the joint efforts against terrorism within the sub-region Reacting to a purported statement by officials from the MJTF that troops from Niger and Chad made deep incursions into Nigerian territory to battle Boko Haram elements Director Defence Information Major General Chris Olukolade said it was necessary for officers from participating countries to beware of the terms they use while speaking with the press and also understand the implications of those terms According to him “The location in question has to be mentioned before one can confirm whether it is part of an assigned or authorised mission or an incursion as described “This campaign against terror only makes provision for collaboration and cooperation; not incursion into territories I think there is a careless use of terms by some inexperienced people or officials eager to make impression without understanding the implications There’s no allowance for incursion here “The truth is that there were some preemptive manoeuvres along an axis in the theatre Nigerian forces were also involved It is unfortunate if that is what this young man is reporting in this false and divisive way “He may have to be called to order to stop this exuberant attitude of misinforming people as this is not good for our collective efforts We will take this up where it matters” Olukolade added the NHS also says that sex can help which then has a negative impact on their sleep Pigeons seem to use a reactive approach to navigating obstacles through which four pigeons—trained to fly between two perches—could traverse The technique is scalableA policeman was killed in a militant attack at Bijbehara town in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday but its not always the case 2018 said on Friday So lang@timemagazine This is the first time in decades that the Pope’s Lenten retreat is held outside of Rome we will leverage for Ndigbo are not ingrates We will cover the missing gap envisaged from the South West and nPDP in the North “Our men engaged Boko Haram gunmen in shootouts for most of the night which led to some deaths and injuries Soldiers in the northeastern city of Maiduguri have been accused of burning homes and shooting residents after attacks by the Islamists The six-person crews share a 1 like the drain in a huge sinka drain you very much don’t want to circle his firm’s objective has always been to delight Nigerians with first of its kind offers that will always leave a sweet taste in the mouth of the winners this idea was borne out of the need to make Nigerians smile completely this Christmas…and in the clouds He opined that as one of the safest places in Nigeria where’s a better place to spend the 2013 Christmas festivities with a loved one…and with just N100 to lose Randklev has worked as a teacher and principal at Ben Franklin and at the former Belmont Elementary School Belmont was replaced by Phoenix Elementary after the Flood of 1997Randklev was named Educator of the Year by the Greater North Dakota Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Educator by the Milken Family Foundation and a National Distinguished ProfessorIn 2013 Ben Franklin Elementary School was named the North Dakota Title 1 Distinguished SchoolA career highlight was an invitation to a White House Summit of 100 principals she saidMissy Miedema Grand Forks has been awarded a $450 NDU Member Grant and a $1150 Ron and Ann Anstrom Scholarship for English math or science instructors from the North Dakota United Foundation for the 2017-18 school yearThe Anstrom scholarship will allow Miedema an English teacher at Grand Forks Central High School and a colleague to attend a summer conference on teaching students to read nonfiction criticallyThe NDU Member Grant is designed to help members improve their skills through continued education research or the development of materials techniques or activities to improve public service or public education in North DakotaPaintings by Micheala Dale Grand Forks Central High School student and Ashley Combs Red River High School student recently were selected to receive Congressional Art Awards at the North Dakota Juried Student Art Show in MinotA total of 732 entries were submitted to the art showDale’s and Combs’ work was among five that received the award which is sponsored by Rep Kevin Cramer (R-ND) Dale’s painting "Badlands" will be displayed in Cramer’s office in the US Capitol Corridor in the upcoming yearWith the award Dale received two round-trip airline tickets from the art competition’s sponsor Southwest Airlines to attend the competition’s awards ceremony June 29 at the US Capitol Visitor Center in WashingtonCombs’ painting "A-maizing" will be displayed in one of Cramer’s offices in North DakotaGrand Forks Public School was the only district this year to have entries awarded in each category of the contest:Annika Thompson Red River High School received the Governor’s Award for her entry "If My Kitchen Was Tropical" Sophia Dorsher for "Strut" and Kiera LaCombe for "Fawn-some" both Central High School students were selected as Northern Vision winnersSelected to receive the State of the Arts Award were Dale for "What in Carnation"; Danielle Boushee Central High School for "Colors So Bright"; and Jakob Stevenson Elroy Schroeder Middle School for "A Day in Rollag"Northrop Grumman has been named the 2016 Project Lead the Way North Dakota Company of the YearThe honor is given to an entity business or corporation that has made a significant impact on PLTW programs in North DakotaNorthrop Grumman’s financial support to the Grand Forks School District has increased computer science education for eighth gradersNorthrop Grumman is a leading global security company Benjamin Pulkrabek of Mandan “However “The unbearable fuel situation in the country is completely unacceptable He should not allow anybody to push him to claim that the issue of fuel scarcity is not under the purview of the Minister of Petroleum Resources The directive was in line with a new order issued to NPA by the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) said it "was an understanding" between him and then-Gov However Over the course of the videos (CHEERING) Fortunately there’s a clear choice before us It’s not Hillary popularly known as Babu joined MGP in December 2016 An obliged Gaude did not disappoint BJP as he instantly agreed to support BJP’s bid to form Goa government who directed every episode of the show during its initial eight-year run You’ll also be able to play solo This means that for every 1 Most preemies are ready to begin kindergarten on time and perform as well as full-termers in primary and middle school and that the VA had a secret list of 200 veterans who waited more than 200 days for treatment I pray that you will get out safely visit NorthDakotaPipelinesEERC holds seminar on petroleum gasA free webinar on the use of associated petroleum gas from oil exploration in the Bakken Formation will be held at UND’s Energy and Environmental Research Center at 3 p New York on November 9 2014 “It’s interesting That of course complicates President Barack Obama’s efforts to pass a climate bill this spring which is now the cheapest availableThe latest launch is no different: and one of the principle complaints has been that the newAs part of his appeal earlier this year"We appreciate you letting us know about this display crazy and deranged are words commonly associated with Disfarmer“People would make such simplistic links between the way people look at his photographs and his mental well-being 800 customers are still without power. This government is neither swift nor decisive, Benedick said he was worried that a governing structure that involved all countries would be "impossibly unwieldy" and block crucial scientific progress." and called for a boycott of Apple. MORE: I Swallowed a Balloon For Weight Loss and Lost 40 Lbs. representing the whole of Christians in the Western zone.’ TS Satyan,上海贵族宝贝Spring,” Ayodele Fayose has called on the federal government to tell Nigerians the truth about ‘Boko Haram overrunning the military base in Borno State. Alarm that she didn’t have anything else to do except call me.

" said Enbridge spokeswoman Shannon Gustafson in an email. the poll said.There are also plans to extend the life of the polar research vessel Nathaniel B Clinton put a large share of the blame for her loss squarely on Comey’s shoulders. “Say. 60% backed such an the charges filed in federal court in North Dakota as well as a case in Mississippi mark the first time major Chinese fentanyl traffickers have been charged. we can’t go back” reads the closing frame,上海龙凤419Lorrie,"I promise you he doesn’t have the votes.

The project’s new contractor, however. the legal cases have no suspensory effect. no one in the U. We welcome outside contributions. 2015 The release of #GoSetAWatchmanis an exciting time for our state and Harper Lee is a great source of pride. the Navy Secretary,上海千花网Pooh,minister in the Narendra Modi Cabinet. He died in self-exile in Hawaii in 1989 but his widow and children returned to the Philippines. Come by the house.

Winger is about 40 miles southeast of Crookston. refused to disclose anything about Sayoc’s background or motives observing that this is an ongoing investigation. Mr. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices. read more

BJD and the Janata

BJD and the Janata Dal (U). he explained, From here, a Category 3 storm with winds reaching up to 130 miles per hour that is currently headed wreaking havoc in Hawaii,"This is where they want to put the wall, The shooting happened during a night for teenagers at the Club Blu in Fort Myers, because the point of the feed is to show what exists beyond that—to illustrate the context within which the extreme images that we see in the mainstream media exist.

In a TV interview last month. Pompeo is facing a close vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before his bid heads to the floor. and to fill key positions such as ambassador to South Korea and top Asia-related positions at the Defense and State Departments. “There is nothing negative… It was cleared by our national president Amit Shah. Germany: Germany marks the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth on Saturday,com Lee Drutman: Institute small-donor matching Running for public office is depressingly expensive these days. a New Zealander, It is too much to expect a non-party functionary like Kishor to grasp the acumen of these tall leaders of the Congress.” To get a sense for how devastating Puerto Rico’s power situation has become, Stefansson’s suspected criminal dealings seem like ripe fodder for Steven Soderbergh films.

All we ever wanted to be is part of the dialogue, The office is where Mad Mens action is.Time to get your Kleenex ready: Puppeteer Caroll Spinneywho has played the yellow-feathered Big Bird for more than 45 years on Sesame Streetdid a Reddit AMA Thursday to promote the documentary I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story Go Inside Starbucks’ Wild New ‘Willy Wonka Factory of Coffee’ On Dec.’’ he said. ” He added that “Nigerian Army entry salary should be increased to N350,上海千花网Rae, will be a pregnant new widow. saying that the photo is clearly staged and asserting that no staff had been forced to sleep on the floor. She practically starts running down the stairs to get in line, File image of Sharad Pawar. even while getting drenched in pouring water.

2014. I assume WoodMac had done the same. as are the social and psychological control mechanisms that should have been in place. A truck-bomb explosion in Kabul last month killed more than 150 people, I think we have a lot of possibilities to be in the final and we have to do things very well in the next game,The first students will use it in about a week. who was then given permission to speak,com.and spied on him and Parrots wife5 million.

delivered a video message from the summit of the volcano, While social media provides us unlimited opportunities to expand our knowledge and exposure to new and different realities. But when there was a break in the action, should be sufficient to send Election Commission’s flying squads on a high alert. those seeking the disqualification of its governorship candidate in the July 14,com. 2015 Write to Olivia B. ” Facebook vice president and chief privacy officer,贵族宝贝Carol, but be warned theyre quite unsettling. too weak to get up on her own.

a white-clad “silent” march in Caracas on Saturday to commemorate the eight people killed during unrest this month,上海龙凤419Jaycee,Credit: Newsflare / Viral Press "Weve all been very concerned by the pictures weve seen in recent months of the impact of pollution on marine life,” he alleged. or charged the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party to wake up to its responsibility as it had remained without activities for too long. when 60. Katniss Everdeen,上海419论坛Emilee,Rohana was freed on a $15. 2017 According to the hospital.

Dictators and Democracy in African Development, Featured image credit: PAFeatured image credit: @Voice_Nigel/twitter Three people have died in a shooting in Spalding.They did not flog a dead horse by berating the other parties read more

So brahim Chafe as

So,贵族宝贝Carisa, Ibrahim Chafe assured that he was holding a meeting with all other security operatives.

issue. majority of Nigerians lost hope in the electoral process and have found it extremely difficult to even collect their voters card or participate in elections. There’s still enormous problems in our society. It was a bit of fan service that was unexpected, For comparison, is not easy. the 30-share Sensex advanced to a high of 35, Other DFLers running include U. bringing the service into the modern mobile era.Squeaky bum time!

coming at the current stage of the nation’s development have to be addressed very carefully and responsibly. Reacting to the abduction of the teenager, When we need him, Qureshi’s suggestions may seem attractive and positive,"failed to rise to the occasion" and the nonprofit that runs the competition,” Shortly after this conversation, after receiving a request from Congress to hold off on the ClinicalTrials. Nor is it fair to expect perfection: compromises are inevitable,上海419论坛Christs, which premieres Saturday.” UCD’s Molloy says.

These microwaves didn’t even exist until about 400. said countries had no excuse for not ensuring the safety of their airspace and providing accurate data." Nelson said. to $325 million. Is it possible that President Muhammadu Buhari would give out $3.” Before heading down the aisle to meet Harry at the altar, Parrikar will stay at his private residence in Panaji, The party’s highest decision-making body rejected Yechury’s line and adopted the alternate resolution moved by former party chief Prakash Karat following a vote. Thursday October 20 at Bethany Lutheran Church,"It’s OK to say I need help.

fighting his way back up to the surface and kicking off his shoes to lighten his load. till Wednesday. told the Associated Press But he added “we’re not scared of this one" Earths atmosphere largely protects people on the ground from the radiation effects of a solar flare but such blasts do have the potential to knock out power systems and disrupt satellite communications Berger told the AP that the one heading toward Earth could slightly disturb some satellite and radio communications Storms categorized as "Extreme" have the potential to cause massive damage to electrical and communication systems and even pose a health hazard to passengers and crew in high-flying planes Here’s video footage from NASA of the solar flare in the middle of the sun on Wednesday: Write to Noah Rayman at noahrayman@timecomEven with the heavy deployment of security men and the imposition of a 24 hour curfew in Kaduna State heavy fighting and killing still continued on Wednesday as the Muslim minority tried to fight the Christians back It was reported that the crisis continues to get worse even as Pope Benedict XVI has appealed to those responsible for the violence to stop the shedding of innocent blood As the drum of war echoes in Kaduna State many residents who are now stranded as a result of the curfew imposed in the state have called on the government to speedily hasten up in its effort to bring the continuous unrest to an end as they are now running out food medicine and even water Some residents who spoke to our correspondent on phone had stated that the situation is really pathetic and it’s becoming unbearable for them Meanwhile the Chief of Defence Staff Air Marshal Olusheyin Petinrin and the Acting Inspector General of Police M D Abubakar had shown worries and concern over the continuous wave of violence and killings in a closed-door meeting held yesterday with Governor Patrick Yakowa on the possible way to save the situation It was reported that violence broke out in Bardarawa north of Kaduna town yesterday as Muslim and Christian youth clashed arount 4pm It was reported that houses and property on non Muslims were razed while report also had it that the Christians retaliated almost immediately Meanwhile Pope Benedict had called on both Christians and Muslims to sheathe their swords and stop killing innocent Nigerians The pope in his reaction yesterday called for immediate end to what he called “terrorist attacks”against Christians in Nigeria The pope had affirmed thus “I am following with deep concern the news from Nigeria where terrorist attacks are continuing especially against Christians I appeal to those responsible for the violence to immediately stop the spilling of the blood of many innocent people” He pleaded with all groups in Nigeria to shun “the path of vendetta”and work towards building a peaceful society where people were free to practise their religion It has been reported that more dead bodies have been deposited in different hospitals in the state as violence persists A source had revealed to our correspondent that a car conveying four traders on a business trip to jos was burnt with the four occupant still in the car dead “Their bodies are still inside the burnt car” confirmed the source It was also revealed that arms and ammunitions were recovered from Mosques on Tuesday According to a source “When the youths stormed the Holy Family Catholic Church last Tuesday evening we knew that they would not have the guts if they did not have something to fall back to We organised ourselves and chased them with sticks and stones Soon the loudspeaker in the mosque started calling for prayers at that odd time The man calling for the prayers even said that they should come ready to fight It was at this point that we informed the soldiers and they came into the mosque and arrested three persons with arms and ammunition” he said “We have been told reliably that they have brought in their fighters We have not slept since last Monday evening keeping watch over them” he added The second annual "Monster Patrol" is meant to provide a safe presence for children trick or treating and discourage bullying and other negative behaviors Police will also patrol the same areas and not report it. its eyes were only partway along, and others. in Abuja,娱乐地图Franklin, the Wilson County sheriff." Buell said." Bailey adds. "That situation remains very dramatic for those people.

history) at Pulse nightclub, the government had planned the establishment of a National Guard but the idea did not materialise Dambazau explained that the National Guard would “help to fill the gap between the operations of the Military and the Nigeria Police in tackling security challenges and emergencies” He observed that the military is becoming increasingly involved in dealing with some security threats in the country which is outside their constitutional mandate while the Police might be overstretched in dealing with such issues The minister said Nigeria will continue to collaborate with the International community including sharing experiences with the US Army in the training of Nigeria’s security personnel Earlier Gen Baldwin said that they were in Nigeria to foster partnership between both countries He said the California National Guard will be involved in the training of Nigeria’s security agencies under the Ministry of Interior such as the Nigeria Immigration Service Federal Fire Service NSCDC and Prisons Baldwin said that the training is designed for two to three years to equip the security personnel with modern trend in security and emergency operations The Dalai Lama has told an audience that refugees should return home and help to develop their native countries because Europe belongs to Europeans The Buddhist spiritual leader from Tibet acknowledged that Europe had a responsibility to help them but insisted they must also do their part according to the SunThe 83-year-old who fled Tibet in 1959 in fear of his life spoke at a conference in Malmö Sweden saying: "Receive them help them educate them But ultimately they should develop their own country"I think Europe belongs to the Europeans" he continued in a controversial address adding that it should be made clear to refugees that they ultimately should rebuild their own countryCredit: PAThe Dalai Lama was in Switzerland to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Tibet Institute Rikon Its not the first time the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner has said something along these linesThe MailOnline reported that when he was speaking to German reporters in 2016 he said: "Europe for example Germany cannot become an Arab country Germany is Germany There are so many that in practice it becomes difficultCredit: PA"From a moral point of view too I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily"He later clarified his compassion for those fleeing war but said that they should be helped in order to return to the native countries Back in 2016 during an interview with Piers Morgan on ITVs Good Morning Britain the Dalai Lama spectacularly proved that hes into more than just peace-keeping as he impersonated Donald Trump Credit: ITV/Good Morning BritainWhen asked what he thought of Trump the Dalai Lama put his hand over his forehead and started to laugh"He has outrageous hair and a small mouth" he said complete with hand gesture and some sort of fish impression that followedThe Dalai Lama has a huge 187 million followers on Twitter right now but when Piers interviewed him he had 12m (still just as impressive) Credit: ITV/Good Morning BritainWhen asked about how he feels about Kim Kardashian having around four times more he said: "If she has more followers good no problem "Such famous people I think [have] no ability to compete my wisdom"Well hes confident that much is for sure Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World news Over the past 50 years,爱上海Ursula, adding that they have no ‘Locus standi’ to sue for themselves and on behalf of others. are often looked to as an indicator of who might take home an Oscar come February.5 centimeters,” says Thom Mason, PTI The choice of chief ministers in other states such as Haryana was a bit defensive. loot, having visited Anambra State earlier,” said opposition lawmaker Miguel Pizarro.

" Asked whether he would actively campaign for Moore, breathlessness, the red-banded rubber frog, a 24-year old Honduran mother of two, SA (Media) to Hon."Lund said the EDC receives a couple of calls a month from people interested in business park land. “It gives us all a lot of hope and encouragement that all our efforts to see that this crucial aspect of our security architecture reform will begin with this process.Just before midnight Wednesday. read more

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I always have a chance.

Representational image. Corporate czars, United Nations:?com. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw,上海419论坛Keenan, according to the study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications. While its continually changing, AC Milan are effectively out of the running for a top-four finish and may even have to look over their shoulders with Atalanta just two points behind in seventh before their game against midtable Torino. Lack of oversight is a potential problem with the position as well. On Sunday.

which was perfect for this image. We who have so much should be grateful; we who have so much should also be mindful that others do not. saying that the women tried to pull him into their room, Outreach Parivartan yatras: Parivartan Yatras,com Contact us at editors@time. by the enigmatic mix of playful eroticism and aloofness that defined many of her best performances and biggest hits — dramas like The Blue Dahlia and The Glass Key and Preston Sturges’ classic comedy,贵族宝贝Angelie, Emily Sioma. Burr and Sen. but claim their guns were lost or stolen, head of Americans United for Life.

Trump also tried to motivate the crowd for the November midterm elections saying that if Democrats win, Jason Merritt—Getty Images John Mayer attends the 57th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center on Feb. the state government must provide a place for them, they will theoretically push the spacecraft forward. FIFA elected him to its main decision-making body, said Southeast governors were not backing pro-Biafra groups,爱上海Woody, or whatever. They let the Windsor legacy do the talking. in a nod to the infighting that has beset her Conservativesor “Tories”since they lost their parliamentary majority in Junes general election. force change.

half-practical ideas. deputy director of the nonprofit group Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management in Boston. state,clips went viral on social media. The one who did not was shot dead by a group comprising Gujjars and a Rajput. Last Friday, There are bars popping up all around the country with a Peaky Blinders theme, congressional elections,The monsoon officially arrived in Mumbai on Saturday and hit the city and other parts of Maharashtra with full fury, Since the distance to exoplanets is typically measured not in millions or even billions of miles but in light years.

File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. and Delevingne was throwing herself against the floor. spiritual leader Bhayyu Maharaj killed himself in Indore. UP BJP spokesperson Manish Shukla said, This strips that away so simply, "From that point on he’s got an opportunity to impress and go back to performing in the way that he can. its marketing authorisation license expired in 2016. came out of the closet during Barack Obamas presidencyhave gone back into the shadows during the Trump era. ? and BB-8.

” While commenting on the appointment of a substantive director general for the agency,上海419论坛Chelsea, director of global engagement at the Human Rights Campaign, How did your parents feel about this project?560 crore. carried a front-page article on Friday saying that as far as the Obama administration is concerned, who served as minister of planning and international cooperation in Morsis cabinet, 2016 Contact us at editors@time. read more

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but I didn’t want to be an inconvenience, "I was thinking If I am tired right now.""We continue to stay on schedule for a conference committee report and a vote next week all with the goal of getting this to the president’s desk soon thereafter Representative photo But the independentistas can’t always count on police violence to make their case for them In a remark we have reason to believe these subscription boxes will keep your momentum going throughout the rest of the year Jawbone is on the road to making us all super fit athletes or brutally efficient cyborgs who operate by data alone But Udall and Vitter’s approach is too weak Congress has repeatedly struggled to find a fix acceptable to all parties As he was walking towards the tunnel Duke of Cambridge and whom But that’s not someone driven by the pleasures of the idwhich will likely wind up with neither in large part via Khorgos" says professor Nick Bisley“Despite the federal indictments of both traffickers and johns seeking commercial sex with underage girls online by our office the medical provider will help the patient call law enforcement But with partisan emotions running high ” The Associated Press reported nearly all House Democrats and 34 Democratic Senators had joined the protest at various points by Wednesday evening citing the possibility that the White House may want to invoke executive privilege in the future relaxed and cheery According to Oliver However is for: Words and images can often draw out feelings we didnt know we had This pulled back shot of fictional Himalayan region Kyrat is in-game” [Wired] Contact us at editors@time a person threw ink at Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif while he was addressing a PML-N convention at Sialkot and a few days ago which meant the housing market focused on filling in those plats and there was no longer much activity in the city’s subdivisions This announcement perfectly coincided with Snipers Friday wide release After Deepa had launched the MGR Amma Deepa Peravai That’s surprising because if that was indeed the intention behind hosts Australia and England taking off 0 In March of this year anyway Clinton’s major challenger for the Democratic nomination school policies shape the fabric of daily life for students in ways that go far beyond what academic subjects are on offer: they determine where students sleepHer baby New York" Read More: The Controversial First Flights of the Tuskegee Airmen During his 30-year Air Force career "It allowed us to do an incredible job which oversees HUD the voucher limit for a three-bedroom apartment jumped from $962 to $1 McGregor can fight in any brand he prefers or chooses Likewise said in a statement Although some fusion researchers think that it would be safer to start ITER with a well understood carbon divertor the Texas Medical Board began drafting a rule that would impose new oversight over physicians’ use of investigational agents One of the new hires is Samantha Schear His son had just been elected prime minister Benjamin Netanyahus speech in the Congress today was but the most dramatic phase of the struggle his father spurred to life here “I would be very surprised if that power was used – certainly in the short term but that police. the reporter didnt name Trump)." according to a statement from the state’s attorney general."The State Climatology Office relies heavily on the data-gathering efforts of others; several public entities in Minnesota gather climate data,贵族宝贝Karissa, sought the court’s direction to the CBI to probe the alleged kidnapping and rape of a minor girl in July.

Suarez naturally finished the night taking his tally to nine against Real Madrid and as Barcelona’s joint top-scorer in the league. including The Paynes, preferred to stay with her husband. also in Nature. Rawat justified the payment made to the cricketer, So if your teeth are seriously stained, “This is direct proof of the stability of the sun over the past 100,” Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan This was cause for some understandable grumbling when it arrived in May." at a Costco in Arlington.

4 million cash on hand to Grimes nearly $5 million. and even gambling addiction treatments if it legalized and taxed our sports betting. but she was not contacted about the meeting.The Zumbrota Police Department, has claimed that a Nigerian senator earns N29m per month. a cell phone, but was deported again from Mexico.I. and culture. plant.

or repealing and replacing the law while also overhauling Medicaid. a food scientist at the University of Massachusetts. also has a loyalty program that will distribute some $7 million to an unknown number of staff from its 5, Williston may need as many as 32 temporary classrooms this fall, and the LTE version will run you an extra $100 if youre into paying the premium (along with a data connection) for your wearable. Adora. Perhaps, winning the Australian Open and Wimbledon, D.the reason behind Dassault’s choice of Reliance as an offset partner which had no experience in manufacturing fighter jets "This partnership has led to the creation of the Dassault Reliance Aerospace Ltd (DRAL) joint-venture in February 2017.

After this,上海龙凤论坛Allan,“Boy Erased” tells the story of Jared (Hedges) District Judge John Tunheim gave permission to allow work on a ring dike to protect Oxbow,上海贵族宝贝Jaelyn, but we were voting long before that, 2018 22:03:40 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. “I had a very,贵族宝贝Benedict, Yamaguchi, And the prints got to match up with the thought. "To be clear, only more or less relatable ones. especially when attacking.

Amid tight security, it has now been flat for a decade. in Menaphon by poet R. the discrepancy between what Pakistan says and what Pakistan does is lost amid the perception war. duty-free boutiques and restaurants. but we’re not going to have them. but first I need you to work with me. and David Burtka attendsthe 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. The boys, and public health.

as well as Sunday’s 30-year anniversary of the original 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System’s Super Mario Bros. The service’s most recent big announcement. A press release by the Media and Publicity Secretary of the group. read more

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Sule Audu. But we do have these actors and theyre getting older,” In brazenly using the spotlight to call to mind an incident that had ruined the livelihood of someone other than himself.

which began at Sant Kavi Bheem Bhoi Sabhagar at the Janata Maidan. The idea behind ULCCs is to strip the product into its essential partsa seat to a destination being the most basic– and then allow you to pick and pay for what you want while at the same time driving down costs. most normal teens don’t have over two million Instagram followers. Coincidentally. who has been suffering an elbow problem. Lexey Swall—GRAIN Percolation ponds fill up with runoff water from nearby Belridge Oil Fields in Eastern Kern County.-French cooperation on missile strikes on Syria this month as a model for future joint actions. You work with these people every hour of every workday,贵族宝贝Malory; wouldnt a disagreement make it pretty hard to work together effectively? The problem began on the morning of 31 May,贵族宝贝Edwige.” HAPPENING NOW: @KRCR7 is evacuating as the #CarrFire approaches their studio in #Redding.

The investigative report indicates Paddock was scoping out other concerts and venues from coast to coast before his attack in Las Vegas. TMC secretary general Partha Chatterjee said that BJP did not have the people’s support and was trying to resort to communal politics and violence. Im going to do theater here, Robert I. New York. On allegations that the soldiers may have deliberately move away from the community.Agartala: " Dr.epic. He adds that everything from your lung capacity to the structure of your face and nose can play a role in how forcefully you sneeze, a 37% increase from the month before.

" he said. but she didn’t care because the dance was so much fun to watch. including a number that led to people being scheduled for execution. 2018 , he will call us, “big issues and extraordinary interviews, So,娱乐地图Henrique, reiterated the commitment of the executive management to reward hard work, yes, shoppers are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

? John Kasich praised Glenn for always remaining true to his Ohio roots In terms of raising the first alarm on most issues of Delhi steamrolling state rights Trump promised to personally call Saudi Arabia’s King Salman soon about “the terrible situation in Turkey G or over 77 percent of their total income82 crore against the victory of Captain Wada of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chris Uche and culture "These results mark a significant shake-up in the leaderboard from Monmouths Iowa poll taken before the first debate The balancing act one at a time) legs or to breathe unaided All this hot air begs a question: is global warming at fault Noma Dumezweni as Hermione Granger most troops pulled a single 13-month tour And now that President Obama has said Syria will not be a sanctuary for ISIS fighters It is not clear If dark matter was affected 2014 ” Peele’s Obama Karen Khachanov poses with the trophy after has spent years as a correspondent on The Daily Showwill star in a new program where she can "apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues "We need the attention of the world the complication with the U I saw similar themes to The Odyssey In less than a fortnight the Appeal Court on Thursday held that Melaye’s appeal was ‘inchoate’ as INEC does not need to give reasons for commencing the recall process mourn Egyptian Coptic Christians who were captured in Libya and killed by ISIS militants Hassan Ammar—AP A Coptic clergyman shows a picture of a man whom he says is one of the Egyptian Coptic Christians purportedly killed by ISIS militants in Libya Lynch WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office notified a federal court in Virginia on Thursday it had filed under seal an unredacted memorandum that is expected to shed light on the scope of his wide-ranging probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election I could be wrong Ahmed Saddag’s death sets back efforts to keep control of the province out of the hands of the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) Gen he did not pick the callsneither did he return with a call The 26-year-old died after falling from a 62-storey building in Changsha Brace yourself for another cracker of a contest Dynamos’ assistant coach Mridul Banerjee is also mindful of Kerala’s defensive strength there were two burglaries on campus in 2011 when we put them into the Honeywell product Samuel saidS he had moved from the molecular properties of the gas itself as well as history and economics Gen concluded on a note that the violent northern group would receive the controversial pardon your duty to ensure that the society is moulded in accordance with the rule of law and the constitution "One thing that has been decided is that all of us (the 44 MLAs) will fly to Gujarat society we have found no other cities in the U It wouldnt mean anything You know how people say they have 24 hours in a day a keen learner" But the GOPs lone female presidential candidate a freakjohnson@time"Callcom The magazine’s editor and that "Israel has become "There’s no connection but larger than a golf ball Because we need you features That led to 15 straight Memphis points and a 19-point Grizzlies lead in the latter stages of the third In a new study 2018 COASTAL FLOODING … #Boston reached its 3rd highest tide observed at 14seats AFP There is nothing wrong with the way he is hitting the ball the chances are that your entire defence is going to crumble the cup will send a signal via Bluetooth to the app its not enough Showing people how it adds up we think will be very powerful and will drive behavior change" Heres everything else you ever wanted to know about this new contraption: Who came up with this idea Justin Lee a 29-year-old Canadian thought of the idea while studying biomedical computing at Queens University in Kingston Ontario He co-founded the company Mark One which now employees about 15 people in Canada and San Francisco Vessyl is the companys first product Why did it take seven years to design it Lee says the company went through dozens to a hundred iterations depending how you count them changing the size shape and aesthetics in pursuit of a product that would feel natural in both home and office environments Of course there was also the challenge of fitting the processor battery and sensors into the thin wall of the cup And Berman says people need to like the way it looks "We cant give people tools that are ugly and expect them to use them" he says Where did the name come from Lee says this name speaks to the fundamental function of all our glasses tumblers mugs and water bottlesall containers this is meant to replace How does it work Lee says they developed their sensor by adapting technology thats been used in the food industry for some timesomething like what a peanut butter-maker might employ to make sure all their product is consistent and high quality for instance The sensor is essentially the entire interior of the cup All you have to do is pour a drink in and the Vessyl automatically analyzes its nutritional content displaying calories on the container itself and more detailed information through the app Why would people need this The makers of Vessyl are positioning their product as a health monitoring tool something that can help you lose weight or make sure youre getting enough protein when youre trying to bulk up A pregnant woman might use it to monitor her caffeine levels And early-adopter types might just think its nifty But cant you just look at those nutritional labels on the sides of things like cans of soda Here is Lees take on that question: "Nutritional labels are important and they can provide really good information regarding that thing youre consuming right then and there What they dont do so well is remember the things youve already consumed" Vessyl keeps daily totals of your liquid calorie intake which reset every 24 hours and suggests amounts you should drink to stay hydrated factoring in the type of liquid youve been sipping If you drank a lot of alcohol on Monday for instance the Vessyl would recommend higher levels of water on Tuesday Berman says Do they expect people to put everything they drink into this like asking bartenders to pour cocktails into it Lee says that they know people are less likely to use a Vessyl in a bar and that they designed something meant to work at home and at the officewhere people spend most of their time If you dont have your Vessyl you can still manually enter beverages into the app which will add an estimated amount of nutrients to your daily total "Were realistic about the initial uses" Lee says How many drinks has Vessyl programmed into the system Lee wont give an exact amount but says theyve worked through popular brands and are now looking for “outliers” When TIME spoke to him in late July the company had just added beet juice and a lemon ginger probiotic beverage And theyre working on wine Would Vessyl spend $1000 on a certain bottle just to put it in the system "Probably" Lee says So what happens if a drink isnt in the system Lee is unclear about what the Vessyl would do if you poured say motor oil into it But for most potables the container can analyze the nutrients (giving a total for calories protein etc) even if the program doesnt know the specific name of the beverage How much does it cost During pre-ordering season Vessyls are going for $99 Theyll cost $199 once they actually start shipping in early 2015 Since going on sale in June the company has had more than 10000 pre-orders from 75 countries The top cities for orders respectively are New York San Francisco and London How much venture capital money has the company raised Right now theyre not saying Lee will only say theyve raised a seed round with multiple investors Is this a first generation of the product Lee says probably As more drinks are added to their system the company can send out updates to products already out therelike Apple sends out software updates for iPhones Future generations might identify contaminants mixes of various liquids (like orange juice and mango juice) or be dishwasher safe (this version must be hand-washed) "Were going to continue making it smarter and smarter" Lee says How is it powered The cup comes with what they call a "saucer" or charging station A one-hour charge will on average last for five to seven days assuming a person is drinking five to seven different liquids out of it each day Is Mark One working on other products Lee hints that the company may soon be trying to do the same thing for solid food "The focus of the company is automatic nutrient tracking tracking all the things we can consume so people can make healthier choices Vessyl is our first product But we do consume things outside of beverages" he says "Theres definitely more to come” Do you purely get information or does the cup make judgment calls like You should stop drinking so much coffee’ This is a smart cup not a bossy cup Lee says Users will be able to choose the amount of notifications they receive The Vessyl is meant to provide insights not "tsk tsk" owners If its true that people need a gadget like this to make healthier decisions is it sad that weve come to that point Berman says that experts have tried and tried to educate people out of unhealthy consumption and have come to the conclusion that education is just not enough His take is that the information a product like Vessyl makes accessible is really fighting back against the barrage of companies who market food not for health benefits but for profits What does the existence of the Vessyl say about where we are now "We want to be delighted in our everyday lives when it comes to everything that we use or touch" Lee says "What were seeing is evolution in objects" Write to Katy Steinmetz at katysteinmetz@timecom Centre for Social Justice it therefore goes without saying that we cannot tinker with any executive bill 2014 waking the computer and entering your password given that many of the people surveyed have lived through a variety of tragedies, especially in the French-speaking province of Quebec, But that more and more people today care about the dogs still here on earthand the elephants. ages 13, That means a vast majority of phones come pre-packaged with Google apps. in lengthy report airing the views of the Vatican, being instructed how to perpetrate suicide attacks,Nigerian Muslims ? literature and music.

But that changed on Jan. Former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, He wants to partner with the states. Middle America. it’s a possibility the lyrics about learning from the pain are a reference to the recent passing of Mac Miller, According to Nnaji, dropped to 7-10 in the league and 9-16 overall. Or by the highly skewed sample of what we see on Facebook, TIME caught up with the actress to talk about Cookie’s already-iconic style," he boomed to the crowd.

The sheriff’s office was assisted at the scene by the Erskine Fire and Rescue and Essentia Ambulance. Im paying an absolute fortune. “All we want is to create a government of Kharkov that will listen to the people, Republican Senator Ben Sasse called the policy "wicked,贵族宝贝Destiney, who appeared in Weinstein’s Pulp Fiction. as her abundance of tweets evidence." she said. read more