India Maharashtra grape growers to organize marke

first_img India: Maharashtra grape growers to organize marke … December 11 , 2018 Sun World International has attributed its table grape export growth to a strong global brand presence and strengthened receiver partnerships, with plans to hire new personnel in Asia to keep pace with development and export volumes. The company highlights year-on-year export volume growth of 40% over the past few years, with receivers’ support making the movement of record grape volumes “guaranteed” this season. Sun World vice president of international sales and marketing Julie Escobar.The group says these partnerships have helped strengthen brand execution in Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong and South Korea, leading to better consumer recognition through below-the-line marketing with store events, demos and sampling, as well as social media.”Despite a difficult grape season, we continue to achieve our export goals,” says Sun World vice president of international sales and marketing Julie Escobar. You might also be interested in Grapes in Charts: Mexico helps make America grape … center_img Study finds molecules in oranges, grapes, carrots … The calm before the storm: Undersupplied U.S. tabl … “Our partnerships with receivers and new customers have helped us achieve record shipping numbers, and retail penetration continues to be strengthened.”Investments in new packing line infrastructure have allowed Sun World to explore new packaging models that drive sales in Asian markets while addressing the high labor costs associated with re-packing in-country.”We expect to see a significant increase in our business, as well as improve our overall supply chain and quality control of our fruit to a much stronger level in 2019,” says Escobar.The company added that grapes branded as Midnight Beauty and Autumncrisp continued to be the most well-received offerings overseas, with Autumncrisp specifically achieving “phenomenal success” in the majority of Asian markets.The group plans to continue its efforts to position the Adora Seedless-branded grapes as a late season variety in 2019.last_img read more

The Benefits Your ECommerce Store Gets from Intuitive OnSite Search Results

first_imgThe Benefits Your E-Commerce Store Gets from Intuitive On-Site Search Results The world of e-commerce is a highly competitive industry, regardless of the niche or audience that you serve. You can be sure that there’s always a competitor in front or closely behind when it comes to competing for new business. This means that you’ll need to do everything you can to keep improving the services and products you offer your consumers. While improving overall service is important, so is the user experience (UX) of your website. One implementation that is becoming popular these days is the use of intuitive search results. Here are some of the benefits it provides.No More Bog-Standard Search ResultsWhen your consumers are searching for products using the bog-standard search box supplied to them on your website, they’re always going to get bog-standard results. Sometimes, these results aren’t even related to the search query they entered. This can often be confusing and annoying for the consumer and they’ll likely leave your site if the search results aren’t right. This can be changed with the implementation of a new e-commerce search solutions plugin. The plugin carefully predicts the results the consumer is searching for, even when the consumer misspells the search term.Increased Conversion RatesUltimately, predicted results that are carefully considered will help to increase conversion rates, which means more sales and profit for your business. The implementation of a reliable search platform will only benefit your business, and it doesn’t cost a lot to own either.Detailed AnalyticsOne brilliant aspect that makes intuitive search plugins even more powerful is that they often come with built-in analytics so you can better serve your customers in the future with even more accurate search results.Responsive Search FeaturesSuch plugins not only benefit computer users but also those browsing on mobile and tablet devices, who will have a positive experience when searching for products and services that you provide. This is really important to search engines these days, and it could be the difference in a higher or lower placement in the Google search results pages.Better User ExperienceUser experience is key to the success of any online business these days. If it isn’t fast nor does it provide the features to ensure an easy navigating experience, potential customers will likely look elsewhere to buy their products.Global SupportThese plugins are not only perfect for your local customers; it also means international buyers are well-looked after thanks to the many supported languages that come with them. So, even if your website is not yet multilingual, users can at least have a decent experience when it comes to searching for products in their own language.The benefits to implementing intuitive search plugins into your website are practically endless. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level by competing with some of the bigger fish in the pond, you’ll need to start by ensuring the end user is well-looked after by giving them a good all-round user experience (UX). Tumblr LinkedIn E-Headlines Twitter Pinterest 0center_img Facebook Share. Google+ By CBN on August 22, 2017 Emaillast_img read more